Sunday, August 13, 2006


Sunday, August 13, 2006
Hey all, we're still in Rome, having some fun. We just ate the Best Gelato in the World, and let me tell ya, it was. We've seen the Colosseum, The Appian Way, Saint Peter in Chains church, some other church, Trevi Fountain, and other things. NEAT! Church today was pretty grood. We've been riding the subway, and busses all over town, and it's a pretty nice system. Hopefully one of these days, before we head home, I'll upload somemore pictures to MY blog, so keep an eye out for THAT. Ok, CIAO!



Kepsel Family said...

I'm faithfully keeping an eye out for more pics - as requested. Have a safe trip home! When are you and Laura coming to Utah? Labor Day?

Cousin Sara and Danny said... Laura already on a "come- to-Utah" status?? I need to know these things!! Mac, talk to me! C,mon--I'm your couzzzzz