Monday, June 29, 2009

Oh, what a beautiful morning

Monday, June 29, 2009
Luke is an active sleeper-- he tosses and turns a good portion of the night and sometimes says "ba" in his sleep. This morning I woke up a few minutes before Luke and watched him sleep. He smiled and grimaced and then started to bang his arm up and down. Shortly thereafter he woke up and looked at me and got a big smile on his face. After getting dressed we went downstairs where I put him in the stroller and went on a jog/ There is a new family of turkeys with baby turkeys-- Luke got really excited about them. Then we came home and as he was going potty he was very chatty. He got a tooth on top and the one right next to it will debut shortly, so he loves grinding his teeth. I'm not such a big fan of the noise it makes, but I know (hope, rather) it's a passing phase.

Oh, and a little EC update for those of you that are curious. We were just 'catching' right after he woke up and naps. Within the past month I tried to watch his patterns more to see how often he is going and we've progressed to catching more and more (on days that I feel like dealing with it). One day he was 'miss'-free until 1:30 pm. Another day he had no misses from 3 pm till bedtime. Today we only had 3 misses. I never stress about it- we only do it if it's something we both want to do. If either of us is not up to it and starts getting crabby, no biggie. His bladder control has really progressed- within the past month he's gone from going every 20-30 minutes to every 45 min- 1 1/2 hours. I have no plans for future EC progress, we'll just see how it goes. Oh, and I can't remember the last time I changed a poopie diaper- we're catching them all in the potty! Shweet!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Yesterday and Today

Saturday, June 27, 2009
Yesterday we did this:

Nap. Park.

Storytime. We've made friends with a couple of little girls that go the same day as us. One of them has a major crush on Luke. She'll smile at him from across the room until she gets his attention. He doesn't mind the attention at all.

Next we went to Nana's house to visit Aunt Cami (Mac's sister who moved in with my parents for a change of scenery and to help with Peter and the Dogs when I can't), and Uncle Pete.

Then we went swimming in Nana's pool till he was blue. This towel was actually Auntie Emily's when she was little. I distinctly remember giving her baths and drying her off with this towel.

When Mac got home from work we went on a quick date-- the first in a long time that we left Luke with someone else. It was really nice to be all alone with no baby.

Today we did some fun things, too. First we headed off to Peter's all-star baseball game. They beat the Folsom team 10-0. I prefer to watch games that are closer, but it was still fun to see Peter so happy. Baseball is one of the things that really gets him animated. It cracks me up to hear him cheering on his teammates at bat. He is by far the most vocal in the dugout (hmmm...remind you of any other Schofields?).

Then we went to Emily's swim meet, but only for 1 race because it was so hot. She spends the week in L.A. going on auditions and such and comes back on the weekends for swim meets. This week she met with a casting director from Nicelodeon who was very, very nice. Emily met her twice here in Sacramento and both times she encouraged Emily to come down for a few months to audition. After their interview this week the casting director took Emily on a tour of the sets- and Emily had a blast touring the iCarly set. Of course this doesn't mean that she definitely has a part, but it sure was fun for Emily. At the meet she did pretty well, setting some personal bests and she blew everyone out of the water in the race we saw. She's the second swimmer from the right with the blue and red suit.

Long ago I decided that I wasn't going to necessarily encourage or discourage my kids from organized sports. I think I still stand by that decision, but if I have a child that chooses to swim on a team, it will be with a clear understanding that I will not be going to meets. It is way too hot to hang out all day in 100 degree weather for just a few races.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Videos galore

Sunday, June 21, 2009
I got a request for more Luke videos from Grandma Jo. She may live to regret that because to this point I've been holding back. No more- I'm opening the flood gates. These are just from this week. A lot of them are very dark because either my camera stinks or my apartment is depressingly dark and I didn't realize it until I took video. Either way, my apologies.

Luke loves to play with the sheets and cover and uncover himself. He will do it for a good 5 minutes without getting bored.

This one is the tummy tickle video

And here is of Mac-daddy reading a story in our 'new' rocker.

Luke figured out something to do with his train toy other than try to put it in his mouth.

Luke has about 3 schemes that I can think of. He puts things in his mouth, bangs/hits/shakes, and tries to pull apart (with fabric and paper). Here he is exploring some bottles of pills. For some reason he does a full arm shake with his right hand and just a wrist shake with his left.

And for good measure some photos of yesterday.

Mac blowing bubbles yesterday to give me a break.

I bought the Winnie the Pooh at Disneyland when I was prego right after we found out Luke was going to be a boy. I think it's adorable that we happen to have pj's that pretty much match what Winnie is wearing. I'm trying to turn Winnie into Luke's 'lovey', but no luck so far.

Mac took over parts of the bedtime routine last night to give me a break. I think I really needed a break this weekend, which is funny considering it's Father's Day weekend. Lemme explain: ever since I had gestational diabetes I had been trying to focus on eating better. That has slipped over the past couple of weeks (junk food, eating out, not cooking from scratch) and let me tell you, I feel a difference. I wake up feeling like I got hit by a Mack truck even when I sleep a good amount. I'm going back on the wagon and taking care of myself because when I eat junk I feel like junk. I guess I'm just sensitive or something (shocker).

Oh! Almost forgot the story of the rocker, which is a new addition to our apartment. There was an exchange student from Taiwan moving back home in our apartment complex. She was selling all of the things she couldn't fit in her suitcase. Mac got her LCD computer screen for a great price and I got the rocking chair and a couple of bar stools for free. She didn't find a buyer and was just going to throw them away. It's in decent shape and will probably hold up for at least Luke if not for a sibling or two before we can save up for a really plush one from Pottery Barn. I hope my sewing skills are up to par and I can slipcover it someday.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

He's Got Skillz

Sunday, June 14, 2009
Thursday afternoon Luke and I drove down to L.A. with my dad and Peter to celebrate Bryan's graduation. Mac couldn't get time off work, so we left him behind for a couple of nights. I LOVE to see my 'little brothers'.

I'll try to do a reader's digest version of the weekend.

The drive down was pretty good.
Mom, Emily and Kevin's apartment was good.
The graduation bbq with Bryan and roomates and roomates' families was tasty and we saw L.A. relatives.
Swimming at the apartment pool was fun.

Here's the photo record.

Look, ma, no hands.

Kevin and his 'p.j.'s' that he only wears for company. What a goof.

This brings me to the point where we were playing cards. Some people wanted to go to a movie, but I said I didn't want to sit in the dark for 2 hours with people I dearly love and rarely see. Kevin didn't want to go to griffith park because he was sick, so we compromised and played cards and went swimming again. Luke wanted to get in on the card action and in all the excitement he learned a new skill. It was so fun that Bryan, Kevin, Peter and Emily all got to see him do this, but so bittersweet that Mac didn't get to see it, as it's been a long time coming.

Bryan's poker face. Intimidating.

I quickly got out of the game because I stink at Indian Poker. Sorry, Native American Poker.

The drive home was awesome- hardly any whining/crying. I lost my keys somewhere along the way so I crashed at my parents because it was too late for Mac to come rescue us. When I saw him this morning I realized that I missed him so stinking much.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ice Ice Baby

Wednesday, June 10, 2009
Yesterday I was bored at my Mom's house while doing laundry so I decided it was time to introduce a new food to Luke. I grabbed a pear and made some baby food. He was disgusted by it, and after a few bites his gag reflex kicked in (nothing came up, he just has a sensitive reflex). I know, TTMI. In any case, I froze the rest of it in a popsicle mold for later. He tried it again today in popsicle form and liked it a little bit better. I think part of why he liked it better the second time was because he was the one holding it and not me.

He needed a little help because he couldn't grab the actual handle and it kept slipping out of his hands.

He gave up pretty quickly on his pearsicle, but not before trying to steal my strawberry popsicle.

Later that night we went to Bucca Di Beppo. One of the reasons I'm anxious to get him started on solids is he looks like he feels so left out when we're eating-- his mouth will be making motions like he's chewing something and his face will have this look like "can't I just have a bite?". Here's how he likes to 'play' at restaurants.

First with the toys we brought him, then with placemats and spoons.

Finally, I gave him a piece of ice. I figure it's fairly harmless and it kept him busy for a couple of minutes. You get the point after a few seconds- he scoots it and tries (unsuccessfully) to get it in his mouth.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Geriatric Mullet

Sunday, June 07, 2009
Luke isn't really getting any new hair. He has a few sprouts on top, but mostly he's bald and the hair he does have is congregated on the sides. Hence the title of the post. I was giving Mac a haircut anyway, so we put a size 2 clipper on and got rid of the "party in the back". Now he's all business. I sure wish we'd taken a 'before' picture so that you could have seen the hair (and understand why it was driving me nuts). Quite a bit was hacked off, and now it looks much sharper. We did it right before a nap, and luckily he was snuggly-tired and not crabby-tired so he just held on to me while Dad did it. Not a word of complaint.

Here's the other stuff we did yesterday-

In the morning we took care of Nicky's boys. I had promised Mac we could still go to the REI sale (where he got a couple of pairs of Keens). We also went to Royer Park-- my favorite park. I find any excuse to use my double's kit on the stroller. When Mac's around the big boys really prefer him over me-- doesn't really hurt my feelings 'cause I'm busy taking care of two 7-month-olds.

Funny story from REI: I was letting the big boys check out the tent while Mac paid for his shoes. A lady walks over and looks at the two babies in the stroller with a confused look on her face.

Her: They must be fraternal.
Me: Oh, actually they have different dads.
Her: (Looks more confused)
Me: AND different moms. This one's mine and I'm babysitting the other.
Her: (Sighs with relief). Ah, that makes more sense.

The babies were so good for me. Usually Luke can't sit in a stroller for more than a few minutes without wanting to be held, but he was a trooper. Earlier at REI I had them reversed and Austin was in the back and fell asleep. Wouldn't it be nice to have a baby that could fall asleep like that? Mine sure won't.

All the big boys wanted to do was swing and swing.

When we got home from Nicky's I put Luke down for a nap and left him with Mac while I went to Peter's championship basketball game. It was such a fun game to watch, but they lost by about 10 points. Throughout the game they would be down by about 10 and then come back, and then fall back again. Mostly I felt bad for my Dad, their coach. I think he wants the win as badly as most of the boys and more than some. They took 2nd place last season, too. I hope that if they play again next season that they can finish on top so my Dad can finish his long coaching career with a championship. Peter has been playing with some of these boys since kindergarten.

After the game was haircut time, which I've already covered. Luke and I got ready after that to go see a production of Much Ado About Nothing. It was put on by Take Note Troupe (TNT), whose director is a family friend. I always look forward to their productions because they have incredible costumes and usually put on a good show. This one was no exception. The costumes were beautiful and some of the actors (especially the leads) were quite good, especially for teenagers. For me, Shakespeare can be painful to watch if it's not delivered well, but it was great. The music they used was very modern but it fit well. They held it at the Garden Theatre in Auburn so it was open air and we sat on a blankets-- very family friendly. They'll be putting on more shows next week at Royer Park for free, if anybody's interested in going. You won't be sorry you did.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Dog Park

Wednesday, June 03, 2009
Sometimes I feel like an under achiever when I think about all my family is doing.

My Dad got a new job where they merged two regions for him to manage.

My Mom and Emily moved to LA this weekend to pursue Emily's acting career for the summer. She had an audition for a pilot that went really well. They kept her a really long time and she'll hear in a day or so if she got a call back.

Lyle finished his first year of dental school.

Bryan just graduated from UCLA and is going on interviews.

Kevin got his AA and just got into several film schools -- including USC.

Peter is a super star in baseball, basketball, and he just won an essay contest at school. He is so bright and sweet-- I'm glad I get to spend my summer with him.

As for me, besides my regular stay-at-home mom life, I'm taking care of Peter after school and the family's dogs until I go home to make dinner. Glamorous, I know. Talks are in the works for my own reality series and the paparazzi follow my every move.

The dogs are pretty low-maintenance, but Merlin needs a lot of exercise. It's hard to walk him in the neighborhood because he's so neurotic when he can hear other dogs barking but can't play with them. So yesterday I packed them into the car and we went to the dog park. It was incredibly awkward having Luke in the stroller and two dogs going crazy with excitement as I opened the gates to the dog park. The stroller got away from me a couple of times, but luckily it gently rolled into the fence. Luke was such a sport. When we got past the gate and the dogs were off their leashes, they were in heaven. I threw the ball with Merlin until he was too tired to go any more. Lucy made a friend with another small dog and they chased each other for an hour. Then they were both so tired they went to lie down in a puddle. I was powerless to stop them. Unfortunately I had nothing to protect my car, so the front seat got all muddy. Fortunately it was time to clean my car anyway. Luke had fun at the park too-- he watched the dogs for a while and then when they calmed down he wanted to get down and 'walk' around. His socks got sooo gross- I guess it's time to get real shoes. Luke was a little confused as to why the other dog owners were more interested in the dogs than in him. He loves to smile and talk to strangers-- he is making friends wherever we go. Oh, I almost forgot the cherry on top of our trip: it started to rain! Getting out of the park was a lot faster than getting in and we were all buckled in before it really started coming down.

Here are our mangy mutts. Pre-mud