Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Dog Park

Wednesday, June 03, 2009
Sometimes I feel like an under achiever when I think about all my family is doing.

My Dad got a new job where they merged two regions for him to manage.

My Mom and Emily moved to LA this weekend to pursue Emily's acting career for the summer. She had an audition for a pilot that went really well. They kept her a really long time and she'll hear in a day or so if she got a call back.

Lyle finished his first year of dental school.

Bryan just graduated from UCLA and is going on interviews.

Kevin got his AA and just got into several film schools -- including USC.

Peter is a super star in baseball, basketball, and he just won an essay contest at school. He is so bright and sweet-- I'm glad I get to spend my summer with him.

As for me, besides my regular stay-at-home mom life, I'm taking care of Peter after school and the family's dogs until I go home to make dinner. Glamorous, I know. Talks are in the works for my own reality series and the paparazzi follow my every move.

The dogs are pretty low-maintenance, but Merlin needs a lot of exercise. It's hard to walk him in the neighborhood because he's so neurotic when he can hear other dogs barking but can't play with them. So yesterday I packed them into the car and we went to the dog park. It was incredibly awkward having Luke in the stroller and two dogs going crazy with excitement as I opened the gates to the dog park. The stroller got away from me a couple of times, but luckily it gently rolled into the fence. Luke was such a sport. When we got past the gate and the dogs were off their leashes, they were in heaven. I threw the ball with Merlin until he was too tired to go any more. Lucy made a friend with another small dog and they chased each other for an hour. Then they were both so tired they went to lie down in a puddle. I was powerless to stop them. Unfortunately I had nothing to protect my car, so the front seat got all muddy. Fortunately it was time to clean my car anyway. Luke had fun at the park too-- he watched the dogs for a while and then when they calmed down he wanted to get down and 'walk' around. His socks got sooo gross- I guess it's time to get real shoes. Luke was a little confused as to why the other dog owners were more interested in the dogs than in him. He loves to smile and talk to strangers-- he is making friends wherever we go. Oh, I almost forgot the cherry on top of our trip: it started to rain! Getting out of the park was a lot faster than getting in and we were all buckled in before it really started coming down.

Here are our mangy mutts. Pre-mud


Jayne said...

Under Achiever?
Let me write you a job description:

Full time duties include 24 hour works shifts, no time off ever, no monetary payment, large out of pocket expenditures, high levels of sacrifice and little recognition. Requirements include developing the mental and emotional capacity of a future generation. Oportunitites exist to affect quality of life on the planet. Potential to improve the environment, ensure world peace, and end nuclear war. Benefits include hugs, kisses, mural crayon art in the workplace, smiles, giggles, tickle torture, and a feeling of satisfaction that is unequalled in any other occupation. Payment is made in memories, self-esteem, personal transformation and may not be given until the eternities.

You are a Stay At Home Mom. No job equals your job.
Wow. Guess you shouldn't get me started on this subject... :)

Ciara said...

yeah, plus just look at my life and you'll feel better...ha! I work with kiddos all day, come home, workout, cook dinner, clean house, then go back to bed and do it all over. I prefer a somewhat laid back life, but I am DEFINITELY at the bottom of the achieving ladder right now! you go mama/babysitting/older sister/wife/daughter/dog walker and sitter/cook/taxi driver/seemstress woman!

Jayne said...

P.S. You have the best post titles. I don't know what it is about them, but when I read your new title on my blog list, it absolutely Fills me with anticipation!

I know. It's weird.