Sunday, June 14, 2009

He's Got Skillz

Sunday, June 14, 2009
Thursday afternoon Luke and I drove down to L.A. with my dad and Peter to celebrate Bryan's graduation. Mac couldn't get time off work, so we left him behind for a couple of nights. I LOVE to see my 'little brothers'.

I'll try to do a reader's digest version of the weekend.

The drive down was pretty good.
Mom, Emily and Kevin's apartment was good.
The graduation bbq with Bryan and roomates and roomates' families was tasty and we saw L.A. relatives.
Swimming at the apartment pool was fun.

Here's the photo record.

Look, ma, no hands.

Kevin and his 'p.j.'s' that he only wears for company. What a goof.

This brings me to the point where we were playing cards. Some people wanted to go to a movie, but I said I didn't want to sit in the dark for 2 hours with people I dearly love and rarely see. Kevin didn't want to go to griffith park because he was sick, so we compromised and played cards and went swimming again. Luke wanted to get in on the card action and in all the excitement he learned a new skill. It was so fun that Bryan, Kevin, Peter and Emily all got to see him do this, but so bittersweet that Mac didn't get to see it, as it's been a long time coming.

Bryan's poker face. Intimidating.

I quickly got out of the game because I stink at Indian Poker. Sorry, Native American Poker.

The drive home was awesome- hardly any whining/crying. I lost my keys somewhere along the way so I crashed at my parents because it was too late for Mac to come rescue us. When I saw him this morning I realized that I missed him so stinking much.


Alexis said...

no crying on that long of a LUCKY I get shrieks on the way to the grocery store if i don't have the music blasting!

Ciara said...

ok that is hilarious. Why does everyone have to keep getting sick? I just got a cold today and am so annoyed! yeah for graduations and pool days and card games!

Jayne said...

Yeay for Pooko!!

That's so awesome. Your life is about to get easier and... different... at the same time! Not harder. Different.