Monday, June 29, 2009

Oh, what a beautiful morning

Monday, June 29, 2009
Luke is an active sleeper-- he tosses and turns a good portion of the night and sometimes says "ba" in his sleep. This morning I woke up a few minutes before Luke and watched him sleep. He smiled and grimaced and then started to bang his arm up and down. Shortly thereafter he woke up and looked at me and got a big smile on his face. After getting dressed we went downstairs where I put him in the stroller and went on a jog/ There is a new family of turkeys with baby turkeys-- Luke got really excited about them. Then we came home and as he was going potty he was very chatty. He got a tooth on top and the one right next to it will debut shortly, so he loves grinding his teeth. I'm not such a big fan of the noise it makes, but I know (hope, rather) it's a passing phase.

Oh, and a little EC update for those of you that are curious. We were just 'catching' right after he woke up and naps. Within the past month I tried to watch his patterns more to see how often he is going and we've progressed to catching more and more (on days that I feel like dealing with it). One day he was 'miss'-free until 1:30 pm. Another day he had no misses from 3 pm till bedtime. Today we only had 3 misses. I never stress about it- we only do it if it's something we both want to do. If either of us is not up to it and starts getting crabby, no biggie. His bladder control has really progressed- within the past month he's gone from going every 20-30 minutes to every 45 min- 1 1/2 hours. I have no plans for future EC progress, we'll just see how it goes. Oh, and I can't remember the last time I changed a poopie diaper- we're catching them all in the potty! Shweet!


Alexis said...

that's awesome, i'll have to email you and see how you started doing pee (ie if you just let him have accidents in the beginning?) I am a little hesitant to start because i dont want to have to deal with it but i'm also thinking about switching to you do cloth or regular?

Bethanie said...

You're such an awesome mommy, Diana! And Luke is such a big boy! Going potty already? You guys rock. Hey, how do you know PJ and Julie? They're in my ward and I just officially met Julie on Sunday. Such a cute family! Anyway, I just saw their link here--small world!

Love you guys!
Auntie B.

Diana said...

That is so funny that they're in your ward. Julie was my roommate for 2 years at byu- she is very very sweet and fun.

JoAnn said...

He's so cute, I'm actually crying right now. My heart aches for Luke.