Saturday, July 18, 2009


Saturday, July 18, 2009
The other day I was giving Luke a bath and thought I'd document how it's changed. Oh, how it's changed. The video is self-explanatory, but I'll just add that Luke is such a busy-body in the bath that I have to remove all the shampoo and body wash or it will all get pulled into the tub and played with/chewed on. I know my videos can be somewhat boring, so I took the liberty of adding a little music.

Bath Antics:

Most kids don't like the car. Luke is no exception. He'll tolerate if he's in good humor, but beware if he's not. If Luke's in a bad mood I'll sit in the back with him and keep him entertained as long as possible. We have a whole back-seat load of toys so that we can avoid screaming all the way home. Here we are playing with the kazoo on the way to an outdoor movie.

Car Antics:


Annelise said...

you are such a fub mommy with the CUTEST little boy. he is so precious. i loved catching up on all your posts.

Annelise said...

youre FUN not fub. im typing with one hand :P

Diana said...

hmmm...whatever could be in your other hand? perhaps that cute little new baby of yours?