Friday, May 29, 2009

Adventures in Bargain Hunting

Friday, May 29, 2009
I'm beginning to wonder if there is a Penny Pincher's anonymous that I can join. It really is almost a sickness here. I had 3 awesome deals this past couple of weeks, and I am doing the first step- admitting that I have a problem.

The first came on an outing to Target where I was looking for some mascara. I had completely run out and didn't want to scare the small children at play group, so I rushed to the first place that was open. I happened upon an aisle where there were a ton of diapers that had been oddly clearance. Trust someone like me to know the price-per-diaper-- at Costco it's about .18 cents when they have a coupon, the best price I've gotten to that date was .14 cents. Those clearance diapers were .7 cents a diaper. I kid you not. The teenager that rung me up probably thought that I was looney because I bought every single size three on the shelf and a couple of boxes of fours too.

My second great deal was the other day when I was looking for clothes for getting family portraits taken (eventually we will take portraits when I finish losing the weight in a couple months). I was browsing at the local strip mall when I came to Old Navy and found a bunch of onesies for .49 cents a piece. Ridiculous. Again, I bought every decent looking one in the size Luke should be this winter (as they were long-sleeved). Even if they never fit him, I'm sure someone will use them eventually. My sister-in-law taught me her rule for shopping (I'm paraphrasing): If it comes from a thrift store, it can't look like it did. If you buy it new, it has to cost what it would at a thrift store. I'm trying to live by this rule.

The third deal (this one was just o.k., not stellar) was on a clip-on chair for Luke. It was 17 bucks (down from 30). One of the reasons I fell in love with this one is because two of his cousins have stuffed Monkeys name "Eee-Eee" and "Ooo-Ooo". When I saw this one I thought this was the missing third Monkey "Aaa-Aaa". I'm still keeping my eyes open for a real high chair that's a super deal.

Before I took this picture he was happy.

Then the flash went off and I fixed Aaa-Aaa so you could see his face. Apparently he doesn't like the flash. He's kinda sick of his saucer while I do dishes and make dinner, so I thought this would be good so that we can interract while I do my chores and he can play with other toys. He is just such a busy-body mama's boy (I mean this in the most loving way) that he wants to be held the entire time I cook. He'll sit in the chair for a couple minutes, and then I'll hold him for a few and then try to entice him back into it.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Wednesday, May 27, 2009
Luke likes to make a liar out of me. When he was a week and a half old someone asked me if he spit-up. "No, he never has," was my reply. Immediately he spit up.

Remember a few weeks ago when I said I loved my calling and was surprised that my little baby made it all winter in the nursery without getting a cold? Well, he's had a cold every week since I said that. I'm a liar; my kid doesn't have such a stellar immune system. Monday he'll start with a runny nose. By Tuesday he is all stuffed up and sneezing and miserable. Then usually he's better by Sunday, just in time for us to go get another cold. Arg.

Here is a video and some pics of Monday, before the cold incapacitated us. We had a great Memorial Day: Mac got to frisbee golf with buddies, I got a good jog in, and we visited my parents for a BBQ and quick swim. Luke seems to like the water and I think he'll be a little tadpole (unless he wants to make a liar out of me). Don't mind the adults in the video. We can't seem to pipe down and make running commentary about everything. Notice Peter's baby voice--it's cute to see him be silly over Luke.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Sunday, May 24, 2009
Luke slept in till almost 8 today! Shweet! Much better than the 6 or 6:30 wake up call we've been getting lately. His onesies that I made fit now, but the shoes still have an inch of growing room. Kinda makes him look like a clown, but I kinda don't care. He loves pulling up to a stand (only on some furniture, mostly he uses his parents to climb up on) and walking. His balance is terrible, but getting better. I wish he would crawl for developmental purposes, but that might not happen. My mom said Lyle never really crawled, and he turned out awesome, so there you go. As long as it doesn't keep him out of Harvard I think we'll both live.

Looking so stinkin handsome. I should mention that there is blue in the tie and that's why the blue pants. We don't have black pants yet. Not the best matching outfit of all time, I know.

Poking his belly out for all to see.

That is Luke's favorite word this weekend. Bwub. Sorry it's so dark.

I have to apologize for my last post. Things are much better and I'm in a much better head-space. Isn't parenting a great exercise in humility? There's nothing like your offspring to help you learn lessons. Thursday, Friday and yesterday were much better days because I have been trying to get up and jog really early before Mac wakes up and get ready superfast while Mac is still here to watch Luke so that I can be ready to go anywhere and do anything. When Luke starts to get bored we go out: on walks, to the Mall, to playgroup, to Nana's house. Anywhere. It has been helping. Getting bit while nursing has dramatically been reduced as well because I've stopped trying to feed him when I think he should be hungry (based on the clock) and feed him when he really is hungry (based on actual hunger signs). Not getting bit is really nice. Over and out.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Curse of the Wednesdays

Wednesday, May 20, 2009
This will be one long rant/complaint. Sorry!

I don't like Wednesdays. Not sure if I've said it before, but i don't. Luke is always particularly whiny on Wednesdays. Whining is no fun to listen to. Plus, it has the added bonus of making me feel like a terrible mother because I can't keep him happy. He whines and whines because he's sick of our apartment and his toys. He wants to be out and about doing things. I'm happy to oblige him, but I have this funny thing about liking to look presentable when I go out in public. He, however, doesn't like it when I spend a few minutes smearing makeup on my face and putting my hair in a ponytail. Not to mention getting a shower or getting dressed. I've decided that 6 months is a hard age when you are aware enough of the world that you want to explore it, but you haven't quite figured out the mobility thing. So this is how my Wednesday looked:

- No jog. Somebody didn't want to sit in the stroller. Jogging is really important to my health/sanity, so that was a setback.
- Getting bitten at least 8-10 times over the course of the morning when trying to nurse. I have little time to find info online as to how I can stop getting bit before he takes a chunk out of me and/or draws blood. At least it hasn't happened yet.
- No makeup, shower, or presentable clothes.
- Trip to the grocery store where Luke was wonderfully behaved, but once I was rung up I realized I didn't. have. my. wallet. I almost cried because it was just one of those days. Luckily Mac was able to take lunch early and come bail me out.
- More getting bitten. Crying from pain. Luke crying because I startled him when I said "OW"
- More whining. From both of us.
- Playing with solids (baby-directed-eating style), taking a bath, playing outside (the best part of the day)
- Burning a very, very simple dinner.
- Slight headache from dehydration, getting over a cold/flu so I have a stuffy nose and nausea.

Whose whining now? Me. Slightly more eloquently than Luke, but only slightly. I know things get better. I know I'll look back on this day when I have more kids and remember that one kid is easy compared to 2, 3, or 4. I know that in the grand scheme of things I'm a very lucky, blessed girl. I just think 25 is a hard age, too.

Here's some pictures of the little boy that I love and the only 'toy' he isn't bored with quite yet.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Maiden Voyage of the Phil & Ted

Sunday, May 17, 2009
Friday I picked up the stroller from REI and got it set up. Really, it wasn't too hard-- it's a very well designed piece of equipment. Saturday morning before it got too hot (it was probably well into the 90's later in the day) I went out for my first jog with it. I'm going to have to figure out some toys that can attach to the bar so that Luke will have something to play with instead of chewing through the straps. That's his favorite thing to do while in any stroller. He was very well behaved otherwise ;)

Here's me being silly, as usual. Next time I go out I'll check and see how it does with the double's kit on the back. Also I'd like to see how it's different with the front wheel unlocked. It was good having it locked because I only had to use one hand, but it was no fun turning corners.

I also got to finish a couple of pairs of shoes. There are still 3 more to go, but it was nice to get a couple knocked out. I'm sooo slow on projects, but I'm trying to be better at getting them done so I don't have half-finished crafts all around the house.

Here's the shoes. I like the polka dots and Mac likes the stripes. Luke just wants to (you guessed it) put them in his mouth.

Today we're all home sick. Luke is still fighting the same cold he's had all week (you should hear his poor little cough- heart wrenching stuff). Mac caught it too as of yesterday. I'm not that sick (I don't even know what I have) but I knew it'd be rough on Mac to have to take care of Luke, so I stayed home too. I hope a little rest will get us back on our feet.

Monday, May 11, 2009


Monday, May 11, 2009
So, in working in the sign industry for the last few years, I've learned a lot about fonts, and graphic design. I find myself critiquing signs I see around town, and things like that, and being very picky about fonts that I use for everyday things. I saw this comic today, and I can totally relate to this guy. (The language is rated PG, not G sorry.)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Sunday, May 10, 2009
Just outside our apartment are two little families- One a mother bird who has made a nest in a tree next to the stairs, and the other a mama squirrel with her two babies that are dangerously unafraid of humans. This morning I finished my Mother's Day present to my mom and went outside to take a picture of it to find one of the two little mamas (the squirrels were MIA). Here is the mama bird keeping her babies warm:

And here is a little scarf to keep my mama warm:

I made it from the Windy City Scarf pattern from the book Stitch n' Bitch. It was super easy (almost too easy, I'll choose a more difficult pattern next time). The only really fun thing about this project (from the knitter's perspective) was the eyelet part. I think it'll be fun to wear because the eyelet makes it so that it won't move around as much and come untied.

I won't wax too philosophical about being a mom, other than to just say that I love and leave a little quote from a book I'm reading:

"Parenthood is even more for the parents' growth than for the child's..."

Thanks, Luke, for letting me grow. Thanks, Mac, for the endless support and patience.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Rhymes with...

Saturday, May 09, 2009

This was the thing that I was talking about earlier that rhymes with Bill and Ted. It's a Phil and Ted's jogging stroller. I can't tell you how excited I am about when it comes next Friday. I did as much research as I could to see if it was going to be a good purchase, and Mac and I thought about it for several days and decided it would be a good thing. Here's why:

  • I can keep it as a single stroller until baby number 2 comes (thinking way ahead here) and then put on the doubles kit
  • It will be so good for me to jog more often (a few times a week instead of a few times a month) without worrying about Mac being in charge of Luke. I've read that it is a good jogging stroller for someone who isn't super serious about running- like me
  • Unlike other double jogging strollers I researched, it's small enough to fit through all doorways and even clothing racks at the Mall (for the 2 times a year I actually go there)
  • Hopefully I won't have to buy several different strollers because this one is the best of all worlds- compact, fits two kids, can jog, etc.
  • Despite a few flaws (you have to be careful with the zippers and it can be tricky to set up and take down), almost everyone that I've talked to that has one raves about it
  • I've even heard that kids don't mind being in either seat-- you'd think that they'd hate the bottom one, but more than one person has said that that's the seat kids really want to sit in.
  • We're getting the neon green one so it will be highly visible in lower light when jogging, etc.
It's a pretty major purchase for our modest budget, but it's an "investment" (not in the traditional sense of investment) in my health and happiness. Right (I asked, feeling slightly guilty, but somewhat justified)?

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Happy 1/2 birthday!

Thursday, May 07, 2009
Today little Luke (aka Lukie Pookie, Check, Captain Morgan, Luke Duke, Lucas Poocas, etc) turned 6 months. Mac and I sang Happy Half-Birthday, which he thought was pretty fun. Other than that there are no other celebrations planned. By Schofield tradition, there is some sort of acknoledgement of half-birthdays, and I personally I've always liked my half-birthday better than my real one. Maybe it softens the blow of getting older and older. Maybe I just like an unexpected little celebration better than a much anticipated but always slightly anticlimactic regular birthday. Anyhoo, today is his special day and in lieu of cake, we gave him a little banana mixed with mama milk.

Trying to dodge the bullet?

First impressions

Near-fatal choking (not really, but he sure seemed to think so)

He'd rather play with the camera

In my naive, first-time-mom opinion that I'm sure will be changed over the years, solids are way overrated. I mean it took me 10 minutes to mash the banana, unthaw the milk, mix it together, and make sure it wasn't too hot or too cold. Then we spent another 10 minutes trying to let him figure it out. Later, I'll have extra dishes to wash. I know he should practice and learn how to eat solids, but next time we practice I'm just going to give him the banana and let him go to town. That'll cut out 20 minutes of prep, and I have to bathe him anyway.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Happy Saturday Morning!

Saturday, May 02, 2009
This is where we're at this beautiful Saturday morning:

I gave Mac a haircut, and will spend the rest of the weekend saying either "this is the best haircut I ever gave you", or "that blending is terrible, I need to fix it".

After other various chores Mac is now reading the current "Mothering" issue (not just for mom's). They have a terrific article about the science of attachment parenting.

Luke is sleeping next to me as I work on my final paper for the class I'm in that ends Sunday (yipee! it's almost over). I snuggled him to sleep and now he thinks the red pillow is me. I hate to deceive him, but I've got things to do.

Oooh, and maybe later we'll be going to REI to get an early Mother's Day present for me. Big on the maybe. I don't want to get ahead of myself, but I'll give you a clue- it rhymes with Bill and Ted's.