Monday, September 21, 2009

Lost & Found

Monday, September 21, 2009
I am constantly losing things. I lost my new phone a couple of months ago, and I thought I lost my camera in Tahoe. This afternoon I misplaced my keys and was searching high and low. I thought I should go look in my car, and even though I had already cleaned out my car this weekend I found MY PHONE AND MY CAMERA!!! My keys were found elsewhere. I've been camera happy all afternoon. Hereyago:

Mondays and Wednesdays we go see Uncle Peter play flag football for his Jr. High. I didn't get any action shots because Luke keeps me on my toes and I like to actually watch the game (not through a lens) when I can. This is after the game waiting for Peter to exit the locker room. Sometimes he plays quarterback and sometimes he plays something on defense (I have no clue what it's called). Ever since that kid was a toddler he could throw a spiral, and I knew he'd make a great QB someday. This game he threw some awesome passes and they got a win after two 6-7 losses.

I couldn't get him in uniform because I am under strict orders not to embarrass him. He is a very cool 7th grader now and can't have his big sister fawning all over him.

My heart melts to see this. I just love watching Mac reading to Luke. They sure are buds. Sometimes we go wait for Mac to pull into the apartment complex after work and as soon as Luke sees his Daddy, he pulls me pointing at Mac's truck and gets so giddy, squealing and flapping his available arm. Oh, and Luke's thing lately is playing with his feet while we read, so not the best picture ever.

This is a video only a mother could love. I didn't want to edit it, so it's just Luke, looking at books. I know the video is grainy, but I just love how seriously he takes the book and turns it around and around. Don't mind the adults slurping their noodles in the background.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What a drag.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009
I love all the little things Luke is trying out lately. I have no idea why he finds them so amusing, but I think they're pretty entertaining (at least the first 50 times he does them). This morning as I was trying to put away clean laundry he got a hold of a sock and crawled down the hall with it, pushing it in front of him. Then his stopped and dragged it across the floor every which way. Next he took it over to the entertainment center, pulled himself up, and started wiping the tv screen with it. Why? No clue. I guess he's just seeing what happens. Either that or he's trying to help me catch up on my dusting. He loves to push the ride-on-or-push toy (I have no idea what it's really called) or the little shopping cart at Nana's, but only with one hand, and he has to hold an adult's hand with the other. He has been able to do it alone before, I think he just likes the security. The other things he is constantly doing it pulling or pushing things off of the ottomans or bookshelves or table. I have to put the DVD's back on the shelf at least twice a day (not that I'm complaining, it only takes about 30 seconds). He also likes to empty containers (like laundry baskets or boxes). Oh, and he's finally realized that he can go to whichever room he wants. Even though he's been able to crawl for months, he just figured out that he can actually go someplace. If I get distracted I'll find him in the bathroom pulling every wipe out of the container, or in the kitchen playing with the tupperware. Time to hide th=cleaning supplies somewhere else! As I'm writing this he's got a pile of books and keeps turning them to see them upside down, then sideways, then right side up. He'll also push them across the floor. What a funny bunny!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Another what-we-did-today post

Sunday, September 13, 2009
Considering Luke is much, much happier when he is busy and on the go, I spent a good portion of his naps on Friday planning what we could do Saturday to keep him busy. If you do your research, there are some really fun, free things to do where we live.

We went to The Fountains and did a free craft. A local nursery provided little planters to decorate and we planted poppies. They had an assortment of veggies and flowers. I asked which one I was least likely to kill with my brown thumb. Can you guess which one that is? Poppies. There is a great little play place that Luke had a blast in. Mac and I had a blast at Sur la Table (a cooking-gadgets store) and Anthropologie. Ok, well Mac didn't exactly have a blast at Anthropologie, but he did enjoy some of the books they had there. I rarely torture myself by going to Anthropologie, but every once in a while I go in there and dream of having the money and body that would allow me to dress in nothing but clothes from there. Oh, speaking of clothes, we accidentally dressed in all the same colors. Navy and Red. I was slightly embarrassed because I think that those families that dress all alike on purpose are slightly unhinged. I swear it was an accident.

When the rain picked up we skipped over to the mall for some gross food and great play places. The whole day Luke kept trying to join other families with big kids. Sometimes I wonder if he was really meant to be the oldest because he loves big kids. Its almost like he needs a big brother or something. Or maybe we just need to move closer to his older cousins...

It's a good thing we got home when we did because he was all tuckered out... I love it when he puts his head on my shoulder! He also lays his head down for little breaks when crawling or cruising, but it's the cutest and sweetest when he rests on my shoulder.

After naps we went to Tricks gymnastics which was having a huge event with free play and raffles. Luke went absolutely wild climbing everywhere. He even discovered that slides are fun (and not boring, as he previously thought).

After that ended we went to Nana's house to play, even though Nana was at Fiddler on the Roof practice with Emily (Nana is Golda and Emily is one of her daughters). Grandpa was even at work (his new job is sooo demanding). We played and played till Nana got there and then Mac and I went on a date to nuyo for some fro-yo.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Labor Day

Monday, September 07, 2009
This morning we got up bright and early.

Luke and I went for a run. I went on a new route, thinking it was much longer (like 1.5 miles). I got home and checked it and it was sadly more like 1.2 miles. Bummer.

After morning nap we headed down to Goodwill for books because they were 50% off. We are such suckers for used books. Luke got some classics that were in dang good condition. Don't go to Goodwill on 50% off day. It's a mad house. Somehow, I still can't pass it up.

This afternoon a miracle happened. Mac was able to get Luke to sleep. This is the first time in probably 6 months that I haven't put him to bed. I hope it wasn't a fluke, but I'm not getting too attached to the idea of him going down easily with Dad.

After the late nap we went up to Auburn to go to Taco Tree (an Auburn stand-by) and to swim in the American River. Luke loved the water, as usual, and didn't mind the frigid temperature. He made friends wherever we went.

Does Mac really have to go to work tomorrow?

Oh, and by the way, Luke is 10 months today. He looks more and more like Mac all the time and somehow that makes me love both of them more.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Sweet Little Helper

Saturday, September 05, 2009
Luke is always interested in what the big people are up to. This morning he helped Dad patch the tires on his bike trailer (our lovable piece of free, falling-apart junk). He even helped use the pump. Not too shortly after this he took a nap, so we have yet to go on a ride. I have my fingers crossed that this ride will be as easy as the last one- as long as we load him up with lots of toys back there, he doesn't mind too much.