Friday, October 22, 2010

More pics

Friday, October 22, 2010
Mac here,
We remembered that Diana stopped taking photos of the train ride, because I was taking some! So, here you go:

Actually this first one is from earlier in the week. We all went to Rubio's for lunch, and Luke kept running back and forth on the bench from Mommy to JoJo and giving lots of hugs.

Ok here are the train ride pictures:

Jojo told Luke to smile:

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

JoJo knows fun

Wednesday, October 20, 2010
If you know JoJo, then you know that JoJo knows fun. She and Hanna came to visit us when Hanna had a 4 day weekend from her busy, busy life as a high school senior. I wish I was writing this when it was fresher in my mind (I'm sure I've forgotten things already), and I wish that I had had the brains to take some better pictures. Oh, well!

Here are the highlights:
-Hanging out at "Cris-a-tine"'s house (Christine is Joann's friend and doubles as our Realtor) with Melanie, Johnny, Joey, JoJo, and Hanna. Luke was so loopy that he was all giggles playing ball with Joey and had a blast on the piano with Melanie. I ate my self silly, which was kind of a theme with me that weekend.
-Going to the mall with Joann and Hanna. JoJo got Luke the special mall-rental stroller that is a race car and Luke was in love with it. I took him to both play places in the mall and he didn't want to get out. He just said "more driving", so I got a good hour and a half mall walk in. I had fun just watching him, but I do need a better strategy for fending off annoying kiosk workers.
-Playing at a park with Joann, Melanie and Hanna. Joann found a little creek behind the park and we went on an adventure. First Luke had a blast throwing things into the water (at first just rocks and sticks, and later things like shoes) and eventually splashing around a bit.

- Wearing brand new batman pj's with his wrestling mask. When I texted Mac at work that that was the outfit he chose for the day, Mac was bummed to have missed it. I wish we were independently wealthy or Mac worked from home so he didn't have to miss moments like this.

-Going to the Fountains to walk around, get yummy gelato, and go on a train ride. I got neither a picture of the train nor a picture of Luke's so-serious face on the train. It was like a repeat of Disneyland where he was trying so hard to take all the fun in that he forgot to smile.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Bishop's Pumpkin Farm

Saturday, October 02, 2010
Before we get to the Farm, I have two little stories:

Luke watches me do my makeup every morning as he takes a bath. He finds it so fascinating that he has several brushes and empty old make up containers set aside for him to play with. He usually ends up brushing the walls. This week he expressed an interest in "coloring his eyes" like mommy does. The idea of a pencil in Luke's eye was not a pleasant one, so I tried to avoid letting him get too set on wanting to do it. Later in the afternoon as I was doing dishes, Luke asked to play with a brush, so I told him to go get it out of the make up drawer. When he got back to me, this is what I saw.

He had taken the liberty of finding the eye liner and "coloring" his eye. I think I was more horrified at what a weird Clockwork Orange thing he had going on rather than worrying about Luke playing with make up. I showed him his handy work in the mirror when I removed it and I think he wasn't too impressed because he hasn't expressed an interest since.

This week we also started back up at Trick's gymnastics with a new time and teacher. Luke has a little bit of stranger anxiety with her, but I think he'll be over it within a few weeks. Luckily moms stay with the whole time, so he's not too intimidated. After almost a full hour of running, climbing, and jumping I thought he would be more tired, but he just wanted to keep on playing! He loves taking a little break on the stairs to "sleep".

Now for the Farm. Earlier in the morning we had gone to a bike fair to get fitted for a helmet and learn about bikes (since Luke is getting to be big enough for one). When we got there there was a fire truck and police motorcycles- even a character of a dalmatian fire fighter going around to meet the kids. Luke was terrified of the character. He came over to say "Hi" to Luke and he just buried himself in Mac's chest. Then when we got to the front of the helmet fitting line and the volunteer started to fit him for a helmet he had a meltdown like I've never seen. I think he's just super anxious about strangers right now. He was so worked up that I thought we might as well just leave- he wasn't recovering with all the stimulation and the big crowd around. So instead we headed up to Bishop's Pumpkin Farm.

My Dad had invited us earlier in the morning, but because of the bike fair we didn't think we'd make it. Thanks to Luke's meltdown, we got to go, and I think it all turned out for the best. My Dad was just giddy to see Luke- he kept calling every 5 minutes to tell us about the best place to park, and to tell us to come see the week-old piglets first. We went to the petting zoo first and Luke was a little uneasy for the first few seconds, but he warmed right up to the animals. He pet the pigs, the goats, the sheep, and the donkey. I think he liked the chickens best of all, but they weren't for petting. The piglets were pretty cute snuggling there together. Only the runt got to be close to mama pig- I'm assuming so he can have first dibs on the milk. Most of my pig information comes from Charlotte's Web.

Luke also loved the old tractors and trains.

He found some women performing tap dancing that he thought was cool- so he watched them as he jumped on the hay-covered trampoline.

Finally it was time to pick a pumpkin. We decided to just get one because I like the idea of carving and decorating them more than the actual gooey process. I bet Mac will end up helping Luke with it mostly. Luke mostly wanted the ones that were smashed on one side, but in the end he picked a medium sized white one (which I was pretty excited about).

Luke almost fell asleep on the hay ride back, but he's a champion sleep fighter. Nor did he fall asleep on the 30 minute ride home. I sure wish he'd be a car sleeper on special occasions.

On the way home we stopped at Taco Bell. With Luke the fast food I craved was Burger King, In-n-Out and Little Ceasars. I'd think this is why Luke turned out to be such an All-American boy. This time I'm all about Taco Bell, which I think means Little Brother will be a very Americanized Mexican.

You know how when your kid starts talking you realize all the things that you say way too much because they repeat it back to you? Well, when Luke is pretend-talking on the phone he says "I can't hear you!" over and over, really loudly. I guess I need to have my hearing checked. He also has me thinking that I say "Oh my gosh" way too much (I don't find it to be an offensive phrase, just not one that needs to be said frequently). I also say "of course" a lot, and so does he. One of the funniest is how he calls Mac by his first name (which he gets from me). I think he's even got the delivery down on that imitation.