Monday, February 22, 2010

The games we play

Monday, February 22, 2010
Luke has two favorite games right now. The first is the same game we've been playing since he could laugh. First it started as "getcha getcha getcha" and then a tickle. I remember him playing it before he could even walk on his own and we'd go round and round the ottomans. Now it has many forms and variations. The best is when it starts with "mean mommy" face because he's in "trouble".

(Time out for self-depreciating sarcasm) Don't be intimidated by my beauty. We're all blessed with different talents, and mine is still being gorgeous with 2nd day greasy hair and no make-up. Don't be tempted to take this photo to your plastic surgeon and ask for an exact replica because I don't think it's possible to be this beautiful artificially. (Sarcasm over)

It's hard to get good video because he finds the camera so distracting. Oh, well. This is a mild reaction to a "mean mommy" face.

The second game is a ball game and it cracks me up. He basically plays fetch with himself by throwing the ball and then running after it. My favorite is the crouching and the running with his little chicken wing tucked under. He's also started another version of this game where he "dribbles" it first by tapping it on the floor. It doesn't leave his hand, but I think he thinks he's dribbling.

This last game I call "race". Sometimes it seems like he's racing and sometimes it seems like he's a quarterback calling out a play. The way he gets himself set to run cracks me up- and nobody ever told him that's what you do. Maybe he picked it up from his ESPN exposure at Grandpa's.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Before & After

Thursday, February 18, 2010
Our apartment building was sold to a new owner at the beginning of the year and renovations are under way. There are trucks everywhere (which Luke really enjoys) and we already got new windows. Yesterday was our turn for a new kitchen and bathroom. It amazes me how fast they are- they do two kitchens a day with just two guys (that I saw). They started about 11:30 (and Luke slept through the first half hour of demolition) and we escaped to my mom's for the rest of it. When we got home they were finishing up.



The most exciting thing of all is the dishwasher. Since we've gotten married the two places we lived didn't have dishwashers. I just got used to doing the dishes, but I remember how much I hated doing dishes while pregnant (oh, the smells). It'll be really, really nice not to have to do them by hand anymore.

I'm not sure why, but I kind of miss my old kitchen. I think I just have a hard time seeing something that was perfectly functional go to waste. I have to just focus on the new double sink and not worry about where the old cabinets are going.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

15 Months

Saturday, February 13, 2010
They say 15 months is a milestone month. I guess it must be true if they say so, maybe changes around here happen really slowly, so I don't notice so much.

He still has the goofiest face I've ever seen.

He's still taking 2 naps some days, and one nap others. Just depends on how sleepy he is when 9-10 am rolls around.

He's still a little copy-cat. He wants to be doing exactly what we're doing.

His hair is still sparse, but I'm letting it get long. His bed head is going to be legendary.

But...His play is more purposeful. Instead of just tearing the house apart, he has ideas about rearranging the house. His sippy cup should go in the Tupperware drawer, my mp3 player should go with the pots and pans, his magnetic letters should go with the baking ware and the recycling should go in the bread maker. If I forget this, he'll gladly do it again. Oh, and balls go in anything that resembles a hoop. A planter will do if no net is there.

And he's more and more fun all the time. Here I put a sticker on his head and he laughed and laughed until he figured out how to get it off. From there it went on my head.

He's just so serious about play.

Thank goodness.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Silly little things

Tuesday, February 09, 2010
This was Luke's morning nap. He's on our bed, sandwiched between the bed rail and his crib. The apartments we live in were sold and they are doing major renovations. Today they did the windows, which meant we had to move everything away from the windows, so the crib went up on our bed. Luke slept right through them replacing the windows in the living room and kitchen, so I guess he has a high tolerance for noise during naps. That eliminates most of my excuses for not doing noisy house work during nap time. Darn.

While I'm talking about sleep, I should mention that Luke has become and excellent bedtime staller. Or at least he tries to stall. I used to fall for "eat" and "milk", thinking "oh, maybe he didn't get enough at dinner". I've learned to make sure he has gotten plenty to eat and drink before we settle down. The only one he can get me to fall for is his made up sign for potty. Most of the time he does legitimately need to go, but sometimes he is just delaying the inevitable. Now if I could only get him to remember to tell me he needs to go when the sun is up (that only happens once in a while)...

Another day off school apparently equates to another day at Jump Sky High with a different crowd. This time it was Emily and her friends (2 of which were boys, which is just weird to me because Emily has always hated boys). This time the place was PACKED and they opened up the special "6 and under" jump room. Luke had a blast, but no video/pictures. Luke liked going from tramp to tramp making friends. He tired way before the big kids did, so we hung with Nona (Nana's new preferred name) on the sidelines.

This past weekend has marked a milestone for Luke- he actually seeks out being held by someone besides Mac or I. I'll be holding him and he'll lean towards Nona/Grandpa/Peter/Emily. Sometimes he doesn't even want to come back to me! Hopefully it's not the end of his mama's boy days.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Train Museum

Sunday, February 07, 2010
Yesterday was Sacramento Free Zoo Day. There are something like 30 museums that you can visit. Personally I wanted to go to the zoo, but the weather report said it was going to rain. Instead we decided on the train museum and possibly the car museum and discovery science museum. I've been having some insomnia the past few days, so we only got to go to one museum before it was my nap time. Luke was way too excited to pose for a picture at the entrance.

The first part of the museum is full sized engines and cars. You could go inside some of them, and we went into the mail car. I really liked looking at the passenger cars from the turn of the century.

Luke really liked the full-sized trains, but the motion of the toy train exhibit was exciting too. His pointer finger must have been really worn out by the end of our visit because he was pointing at everything.

I had packed Cheerios and Apples for his snack on the ride home. It cracks me up how excited he gets about food sometimes. He's also been kind of picky lately, too, which I hope is related to his molars coming in. One molar is broken through and the other is right on the cusp.

Later in the evening we chatted with Grandma JoJo- Luke loves having it on speaker phone. Sometimes he accidentally hangs up. Lately he's been hiding behind the chairs and the lamp to talk on the phone or read. I'm not sure why he likes it back there, but it's a pretty cute little base camp.

After that we played with our Elefun game. Usually he just knocks the trunk down and I get bored of putting it back up after a couple of minutes, but this time he actually tried to catch the butterflies. Yay!

Friday, February 05, 2010

Jump Sky High

Friday, February 05, 2010

My mom invited us to spend the day with Peter and his friends at Jump Sky High (a trampoline place). I thought Luke would really enjoy it, so we tagged along. Before we headed out the boys got some pizza and soda into their systems. Luke really felt like a big kid sitting with Peter and co.

Driving there Luke kept signing "go" and "play", which let me know he was all ready. Even though they had the little kid area closed, we still played with the big kids, doing our best to avoid collisions. We did pretty well, but I can't say the same for the teenager who ran head first into a chair after bounding too fast across 6 trampolines. Oops! And, kids, that's why we follow rules.

Luke can't really jump, so we spend most of the time bouncing with our feet on the ground. I found that he really like flips and wall bounces, so we did as many as I could handle. He also really liked getting on the yellow separators between the tramps and running up and down. I knew he was done when he started laying down. He probably could have done with a nap then, but he made it all the way home. In fact, we dropped the boys off at the park, picked Emily up after school and went to get the mail before he went down. I mention this because as I got the mail and got back in the car somebody had handed Luke bubbles and he took a little swig. Only time will tell how upset his little tummy gets, but I have a feeling it's not going to be pretty.

After he was too tired to jump he checked out the arcade and gum ball machines. I'm so glad he doesn't understand what candy is yet.