Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hi there Pig!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010
A couple of weeks ago my little sister Emily got a new Guinea Pig. I told her I was against it because there are already plenty of animals at the Schofield house to take care of and in protest I promised never to pet sit the Guinea Pig. I also promised that when they got Lucy (the puppy) but I've since gone back on both those promises.

The up side is Luke likes the Pig, who I think they're calling Piglet. Yesterday he found a "Wee Sing" book lying around and began to sing. I think he's figured out that when it's words you "read" to yourself and when it's sheet music you "sing". I have no clue what he's singing, but I can make it out when he say's "Hi pig. Hi there pig", but if he weren't waving I might think it was "happy".

Earlier in the day Luke was pushing his red grocery cart around and I'm not sure what happened because he was hidden behind the kitchen island, but all I know is there was a huge scream, lots of blood, and a quickly swelling lip, nose, and goose egg. He was so upset that he eventually fell asleep as I was comforting him. I was a little worried he might have a concussion, but it was nap time anyway so I let him sleep. It is amazing how quickly kids heal- by the time he went to bed there was no sign of any swelling. I tried to get him to take some pain meds, but even calling it "treats" only got about a quarter of a dose in. What a little trooper.

Monday, July 26, 2010


Monday, July 26, 2010
Luke is turning into a little ham. Sometimes he does it intentionally, other times his goofiness and innocence just makes us laugh.

Luke's thoughts on Dad being home:

On the way to church Luke was singing to himself "Baseball 1,2,3" over and over. I finally realized he was trying to sing "take me out to the ball game" so that's what we all sung on the way to church. Luke's still obsessed because Peter ended up playing on his league's All-Star team. They were just a couple of games from going to the Little League World series when they lost. Luke got to go to most of the games and every day I hear "Baseball. Peter" and "Hit the ball" over and over ad nauseam. One day I explained to him that it was all over and there would be no more baseball until next year. He replied "Dribble shoot?", as if to say "so is it basketball season yet?". Oh, brother.

This is a re-enactment of what happened at Church yesterday. It doesn't really do the original scene justice, but I'm pretty sure it's not kosher to bust out your camera in the middle of sacrament. Even if your kid is really cute. Luke was playing with a transformer hot wheel and Mac transformed it. Luke just scrunched up his face and kept saying "funny car".

After getting out of Nursery, Mac was holding Luke and Luke pointed at this picture of Jesus. Luke said "Jesus!", so Mac asked "what is Jesus doing?". "Playing" Luke replied, matter-of-factly. Because what else is there to do in life, right?

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Funny Story

Saturday, July 17, 2010
Don't read the first part of the story if you're easily grossed out. Just skip down to the last paragraph.

Background: We're just in the beginning stages of looking for a house, so nobody freak out or expect us to buy anytime soon. Also this morning Luke tossed his cookies. It was only once, and because there was no fever I figured it was one of those kid bugs that a big bad adult like me with a fully developed immune system wouldn't be bothered by.

The story: So we decided to go house hunting with our agent/family friend. First we checked out a couple of houses in a neighboring town and then got back on the freeway to come back to Roseville to see some more. I started feeling more and more nauseated. I asked if we could pull over, but there was road construction on the shoulder, preventing us from pulling over. I tried my best to make it to where we could pull over, taking deep breaths and willing myself to be better. No dice. When I finished getting sick Luke said "Oops", which made me laugh. I was just glad that I contained it to my person and it didn't get all over the car. We got to the gas station and I cleaned up as best I could. Luckily I wasn't too embarrassed because our agent is so cool and understanding. Everyone pretended it didn't smell, but I knew better. From then on I had Mac sit in the back and I sat in the front with the AC on full blast.

At the last house we visited Luke was running around, as per usual. He loves checking the places out and seeing all the rooms. He ran in to a bedroom and shut the door. This door had a lock on it and for some reason it was locked from the inside. We asked Luke to open the door, but he can't twist handles yet. We looked around for a key and found one, but it didn't work. Luke got more and more agitated as time went on, so we tried going in through the window (no luck) and opening the lock with the old credit-card trick (again, no luck). I tried calming him down with some songs through the door, but he was already pretty ticked. Finally we could think of no other option and had Mac kick the door down. It took about 3 tries for him to find the sweet spot, but finally that poor little door had enough and we got in to our worked up little toddler. Let's just hope the "you break it, you buy it" rule doesn't apply to houses. Poor Lukie gave his dad a big hug and asked for dinner. On the drive home I told our agent I thought it was a great trip. She couldn't tell whether I was being sarcastic or not. Originally I was referring to the cute houses we saw, but the sarcasm definitely would have applied too.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Wednesday, July 07, 2010
I've already mentioned the construction going on in our apartment complex. It continues, although they don't usually need to do anything in our apartment anymore, just around us and on top of us. For example, they took out some lovely trees to make less shade for the new solar panels they installed on the roof. I wonder how the Lorax would feel about that. I just kind of chuckled at the irony. In any case, "work" has been a theme around here. He's always talking about the "worker guys". Plus when we talk about any body else, it seems they're at work (Papa, Nana, Daddy). This morning we were happily un-busy and able to watch all of this work outside. Luke and I had our snacks and I read a book as Luke sat and watched the digger.

But, you know, Luke has a lot of work to do. From things like exploring the park

to reading at the library

and even learning about nutrition (that is cupcake shmeared on his face).

And when it comes to work around the house, he's always willing to help. Yesterday at Nana's he pitched in with the dusting and had to dust everything she did. Even some of the things she missed. Oh, cleaning at Nana's is done with Martha on in the background. It just seems right.

As we speak, Luke is doing "work" in the playroom. He likes to climb on his box of Beatrix Potter books (I'm not sure this was the intended usage of the books) with his hammer and bang on the wall. He turns around to look at me and says "work". Luke, you are the easiest, most fun "work" of my life.

Monday, July 05, 2010


Monday, July 05, 2010
For fireworks every year the Schofields do fireworks in their front yard. This year my Mom told my Dad and Emily to go buy them. My Dad thought Emily was in charge so he just kind of let her go wild and they ended up buying a ton of fireworks and blowing the budget by a bit. In my Dad's defense, he's kind of clueless. I mean that in the nicest way possible. We got Luke to stay up 'till the sun went down and started with the quietest, mildest ones possible. He liked them for a while and then told me he was all finished and wanted to go inside. We went inside until he worked up the courage to back and watch some more. This repeated a few times. He was overwhelmed by them, but still like them. I'm not sure if it was the noise or the bright lights that were too stimulating, but I think he'll like them better next year. Mac helped him do his own sparkler, which he thought was pretty fun. I can't believe he stayed up so late (10:30) without a melt down because the night before he couldn't even make it 'till 8. Don't you love his "cheese" face?

New Edition

(This was written about 7 weeks ago, so hopefully it still makes sense despite some errors in tense).

When I posted newborn pictures of Luke on Facebook, I was so sleep deprived I titled it "new edition". Did my little brothers let me live it down? Nope. But guess what? It all works out because every time we have a new addition in our family, we add a new edition of our blog book (at least that's the plan). It's about time I fess up to our new addition! The new little one will arrive around March 6th.

We were so ready for another person in this family. So much, in fact, that for about 6 months before we could actually start trying to get pregnant I had crazy dreams about the baby, and pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness (which I chalk up to blood sugar issues). One Sunday this morning sickness was really bad. I *knew* I wasn't pregnant but I took a test anyway. Big Fat Negative. It was too early to test, and I wasn't that hopeful. Two days later and I woke up at about 5:30. Oh well, I thought, might as well take another test. It was still 5 days before a test would even really show up positive, but that didn't stop me as I had a nice little stash of them in my bathroom drawer. While I was waiting for the test to come back I checked my email and reader and tried to tell myself not to get discouraged if it was negative. I walked back in the bathroom and there on the stick was one big line and one eensy weensy line. So I retested. Twice. Giddy that there seemed to be a baby on the horizon I had to wait the agonizing hour until Mac woke up so I could share my news with somebody. With Luke, Mac had no idea I was even going to take a pregnancy test, so the fact that one came up positive was a huge surprise. This time he wanted to be there, but his overly-anxious wife couldn't even wait an hour or two. In my defense I thought it was going to be negative. As soon as I heard him stir I told him to go look on the bathroom counter. He knew exactly what I meant and after he saw the eensy weensy line we hugged and smiled and couldn't wait to tell anybody who was up. My big brother Lyle is in New York, so by virtue of the fact that he was definitely up, I think he got the first call (oh, and he's one of my all-time favorite brothers, that's why he got the first call). Then came Utah family, and finally when it seemed safe enough, the Schofields. Mom answered on the first ring in a whisper, indicating it was not quite waking time at their house. Oops. Everybody was thrilled, but it's kind of an awkward conversation. After saying congratulations and asking about the due date there doesn't seem to be a whole lot more to say. I think it gets more exciting for extended family when it gets closer to the due date.

With this pregnancy I'll have different insurance coverage, so I just started doing research on where and with who to have the baby. It's exciting to think about- if I go the midwife route I've narrowed it down to two and hopefully I'll interview them this week. One of them used to deliver Amish babies by candle light which I think is such a romantic notion that I'm going to stock pile candles. If I end up with an OB, though, I hope I can find one that goes to UCDavis again because even though it's a high-risk facility (at some high-risk facilities they treat you like you're a disaster waiting to happen) they were very relaxed and didn't dictate things to me.

Symptoms are somewhat upon me. Last time I didn't really get morning sickness until 6 weeks, which I'm not even at yet (at the time I'm writing, not the time this is posted). Still, I've had major amounts of fatigue for about a couple of weeks now. Sometimes by 11 am I'm stumbling around, barely functioning because I'm so sleepy. I try to hold out 'till Luke's nap time and then we both sleep at the same time. Luckily this means I can stay up a little bit with Mac. I remember last pregnancy I was working so I couldn't take a nap and would crash by 7pm. It's funny to think that some thing the size of a poppyseed (at 3 weeks), an orange seed (4 weeks) and a sweet pea (5 weeks) can take so much out of you. My brain is completely fried. Before I found my medicine divider (you know, with the days of the weeks on it) I probably accidentally took 5 prenatals one morning because for the life of me I couldn't remember if I'd taken one yet. The morning sickness has somewhat started, although it's still early for that. One morning Holly and Abby were over and I stupidly took a prenatal on an empty stomach. What am I, an amateur? Within a couple of minutes the wave of nausea hit me. I smiled. I take symptoms as a sign of a viable pregnancy, so I somewhat enjoy all of my symptoms. Well, at least the first couple minutes of them. Don't worry though, now when my face turns green I am not smiling anymore. At least on the outside.

Luke is convinced it's a girl. When you ask Luke a question you have to do it two ways. I say "Do you want to go the the park or to Abby's" he says "Abby's". Then I ask "Do you want to go to Abby's or to the park?" he says "the park". If he doesn't really care, he'll say whichever I ask second. If he cares, it'll be the same answer both times. Well, I've asked him if the baby in mommy's tummy is 'a boy or a girl' or 'a girl or a boy' and both times he says girl. I'm not convinced though, I have a feeling it's another boy. Only time will tell.