Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pizza Party

Saturday, November 27, 2010
Luke's final birthday celebration was shared with two other little buddies who were also turning 2 in November. We decided on a pizza party theme, which seemed about perfect for our little pizza lover. Given that we had just moved most of possessions earlier that day, I was surprised to find that I had enough energy to get through the evening. Of course the next morning Mac and I woke up to sore throats and stuffed noses that let us know we had over-done things a bit. C'est la vie.

I was in charge of the dough and I quickly realized that I should have pre-cooked the dough so that we could just throw toppings on and heat them to melt the cheese. Thankfully everyone ate (eventually) and while we waited we chatted and the kids played. I made a little game that Luke really loved playing where there were some holes cut out of a board and you threw little stuffed tomatoes through the holes. All the kids took turns and had a good time.

Luke chose to put the weirdest things on top of his pizza (pineapple and peperoni if I remember correctly). I told him it was weird and he said "I like it". And he did.

We did cake (that looked like pizza) and I was surprised to find that the first two people to run up to me as I cut the cake were interested in serving everyone else before they took their own slices. It pretty much made my evening to see those sweet boys want to be helpers.

While we drove home I asked Luke about the party and two main things stuck out in his mind:

"I threw the timonos at the pizza!"
"Billy* took the car away from Luke"

*name has been changed

All in all it was a fun evening and it was really nice to catch up with the other birthday boys families and the friends we had invited.


This was our place for a couple of weeks:

Yup, we're moving. I've got mixed feelings about this. In a way I'm sad to be leaving our apartment and the complex because it's been a great place to become a little family. The neighbors are friendly and there are always buddies running around for Luke to play with. On the other hand, moving to a new place always gives me an opportunity to re-organize my life and to stop bad habits and establish good ones.

Luke was a less than helpful in the packing process. I would put things in a box, leave the room to get the tape or Sharpie, and come back to an unpacked box. Suddenly he also was very attached to everything I touched. "No, MY ______," he would say, and then have to play with whatever I was packing. The morning of the actual move he was watching Mac and I take things out of the apartment and it was pretty distubing to him. Almost as if we hadn't read Berenstein's Bears "Moving Day" and talked about moving every day for over a month.
When Luke saw me packing the baby bath he stripped down for a pretend bath. Then he bathed all his unpacked stuffed animals.

We are in the process of buying a house and we thought it would close by now. We put in our 30 days notice on our apartment a little late, thinking it would give us a nice little buffer in case anything went wrong and we got delayed. And we did. Over and over. Our 30 days came and went and we sheepisly asked the Schofields if we could move in for a bit. Thankfully their extra space and generosity saved us from homelessness. Or a hotel and storage unit.

You know (especially considering this is a temporary arrangement), it's nice there. Luke is thrilled to have more buddies around to play with.

One of his best buds around Nana's house is Lucy (who he sometimes just calls Luce). I think he enjoys having somebody being lower on the pecking order.

As grateful as I am to be buying a house and to have a place to stay until said house is actually ours, I can't wait to get settled and unpacked!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Daddy Laughs

Wednesday, November 17, 2010
I sure wish I could remember what was so funny to these two...

I do remember the last thing Luke said to me: "Mom, go away". Sometimes, it's just guy time (especially if I have a camera in hand).

Wearing Out

Some days the morning is for wearing him out for nap time...

And the afternoon is for wearing him out for bed time...

After all of this wearing out we come home to rest and I hear this... I think the only one worn out is me!

(Subtitles for people who don't speak Luke: Mom play catch Luke...please?)

Sunday, November 07, 2010

He's 2!!!

Sunday, November 07, 2010
This morning we woke up to the sound of rain coming down. As I was the first one up (I'm usually the first one up) I had time to watch Luke sleep and think about that morning 2 years ago when he was born. When Mac and Luke got up I told Luke his birth story and we looked at photos of that day. There are some pretty National Geographic-style photos of his birth taken by our Doula (if not for her there would be no documentation at all). Luke just looked at them and said "I was born!".

Even though his birthday was today we gave him a walking bike for an early birthday present yesterday because we knew having a rainy-Sabbath day birthday wouldn't be so fun for riding a bike. He's somewhat figuring it out and learning how to turn. He's been looking forward to the bike for a while and I'm so glad he has it now. It'll be really fun watching him learn to ride. Yesterday when he came out from the room to see the Mac-assembled bike he said "My green bike!"

The celebrating continued when we went to Aunt Melanie's for dinner. Luke was excited all day to go and kept saying "I like Johnny" and "I like Melanie". There we had some yummy taco salad, sang Happy Birthday and ate pumpkin muffins, brownies, pumpkin ice cream and mint chocolate chip ice cream.

After we were done singing to him and turned on the lights, he kept putting the candles back in and singing to himself. Every time I tried to video the song he went silent. I think he might be sick of the mama-razzi.

Luke was in love with his new digger truck and legos and played with them for the rest of the time there. When we told him it was time to go he really wanted to stay, but we had to meet up with the Schofields for some more celebrating. He then showed off his stash so far and opened up even more presents. These were the only presents that were actually wrapped (I'm a gift-bag lover) so it was really fun watching his face get confused and frustrated with opening the presents and then confused still when he wasn't quite sure what the presents were. By the time we got go to bed Luke and I probably fell asleep within 3 minutes of each other- we were both spent.

(For the records he's 34.5 inches tall and about 28 pounds heavy which lands him pretty much in the middle of his age mates).

Saturday, November 06, 2010

The Best Age

Saturday, November 06, 2010
I feel like I'm always saying to Mac that THIS age is the best age and I hope Luke stays this way forever. Then he grows and develops and gets to being even more fun.

I love keeping track of all of his funny moments and his developing personality.

His imagination is really growing. At the park he decided he was a store keeper and I had to buy things. After being a toy store, a grocery store and a book store he decided he was a pizza shop and made some bark pizzas.

He's starting to get into some two-year-old behavior. He's just developed all this independence and wants to make decisions and do things for himself. It's adorable and irritating all at once. Gone are the days where I could pretty easily persuade him to do something and trade him objects. Now things are much...trickier. Sometimes the responsibility of choice is overwhelming- he'll decide to go to the park instead of the library and then once we're well on our way to the park he melts down over not going to the library. I can empathize- choices are tough to make and easy to regret.

He also has some emerging food preferences. He used to eat just about anything you put in front of him and now he has decided he doesn't like crusts and peels. This doesn't break my heart nearly as much as hearing, on occasion, "I don't like this dinner". Ouch! One of his favorite things is a book and DVD combo of Sesame Street "Healthy Foods". We often find him reading it on his own talking to himself about the different kinds of healthy foods. He still loves "sometimes" foods though.

(He's saying "corn, timonos (his word for tomatoes) no no no pear, timonos, Elmo, broccoli, corn)

A couple of weeks ago he started shooting me with one of Mr. Potato Head's arms. Since he already figured out guns, Mac wanted to watch Star Wars with him for the first time. He loved it, but is a little bit more taken with the dark side than I would have thought. We hear a lot about Darth Vader. I knew gun play was inevitable, but I didn't know he'd figure it out so early. (Oh, and when he sees Luke Skywalker on the cover he can pronounce Luke just fine, but when he's talking about himself he nearly always says "Duke" or "Dukie")

In the car I get daily requests to sit in the front seat or even to drive. I think I over-explained things a bit because now he has a fixation on talking about car crashes, seat belts and car seats. I'm really over talking about it. He'll ask "Hurt another car?" and I explain that we're all going to drive safe so there won't be a crash, and even if there is a crash then we're all wearing seat belts and sitting in safe seats so we'll be o.k.

He's developed his own language called "doo-bi-dah" that consists of silly words. He loves inserting a silly word into a song like twinkle twinkle little star to get a laugh from me. In the same vein he loves talking about syrup. In fact he told me that "Old McDonald had a syrup". He didn't know what a syrup would say so I told him "glug, glug". He also knows he can get a laugh by saying the wrong words to "Winnie the Pooh" song. He likes the Reader's Digest version: "Winnie the Pooh, silly old boy" (instead of bear). He thinks he's a riot. Here he is turning my sports bra into a necklace. He sure has his own little sense of humor, but he can be so reserved in public.

He knows a lot of songs and has memorized the better part of "Go, Dog, Go". He loves to repeat the part about "Do not play up there, go down!" and the two dogs, one of whom has terrible taste in hats, not to mention that at every traffic light I either hear "go, dog, go. green now" or "stop, dog, stop. red now". I used to not like the book, but it's grown on me. Thank goodness. He's a little jukebox of songs, especially in the car. When he's not in the mood to sing he asks me to. Since he's into Cinderella right now I sing a lot of "Cinderelly, Cinderelly" but even more of "A dream is a wish your heart makes". Luke can even sing it, too:

Luke loves to flirt in the grocery store (or any store). He leans over to catch someone's eye and then says "Hi". All the older ladies love him, and he loves getting their attention. One time he said to me as the lady walked away "I'm making new friends!" which gave both the lady and I a big laugh.

Luke was probably a "typical" baby- not easy, but not difficult. I think most of the difficulties arose from him being bored out of his mind and not having enough stimulation and that made him kind of "demanding" because I was his favorite form of entertainment. This year as a toddler he's more able to tell me what he wants and does things on his own and things have been pretty darn easy. It'll be interesting to see what this next year holds. Some days he's a piece of cake and other days the word "no" turns into a 2 syllable word "no-ah" and he really has me wondering how I'm going to handle two. Whatever the future holds, I'm sure glad he's in our family and I can hardly believe what joy he brings us on a daily basis.

Monday, November 01, 2010

All Dressed Up...

Monday, November 01, 2010
This weekend we got to see the result of all of Emily's (and my Mom's) hard work as she played Cinderella in a local children's production. To prepare Luke for the story we let him watch Cinderella a couple of times and we listened to the music (Disney, not Roger and Hammerstein). The thing that really stuck in his mind from the story was "mean girls mess a dress", which he would say over and over. He was mesmerized throughout the play, mostly by Emily and the mice. Sometimes the mice (some of whom appeared to be about 4 or 5) would be playing in the wings but visible to the audience and Luke would cry out "Mouse!". He really had a good time, and now I have to admit my little boy is taken with Disney Princesses.

(You know you're lazy when you can't be bothered to re-take a picture in which the subject's eyes are closed)

I had to share this shot of intermission. Each of the present Schofield men were playing games on their phones/ipods. That's what I call male bonding.

Another bonus of the weekend was that Bryan was in town. Bryan's the kind of uncle that's good for wrestling, so Luke decided to interrupt a GMAT study session to wrestle with him and jump on the bed.

We didn't do much for Halloween. I even abandoned my idea of dressing Luke as Mario and Mac as Luigi because I knew we wouldn't do much anyway. Luckily Luke got some Batman p.j.'s that doubled as his costume.

We did a grand total of 3 houses including Nana's, and I wish I could've gotten better shots of Luke's face. You could just tell that he was confused as to why these people were giving him candy, but excited at the same time.

By the last house he began to wonder why he was letting all of this lovely candy just sit in his bucket, so he plopped himself down in the driveway to check out his loot and ask to eat the M&M's.

We convinced him that he could eat it as soon as we got home. He bought that for all of 5 seconds before he declared "I sit right there" and plopped himself down in the street. He really wanted some candy.

I have to share a funny story that my mom told me from when I was almost exactly Luke's age. Lyle was Peter Pan and I was Tinker Bell. We went to one house that was handing out full-sized candy bars and my eyes just bugged out. When we got home that night and my Mom was putting us to bed she told us that the next big holiday was Thanksgiving with turkey and mashed potatoes and green beans and pumpkin pie. I jumped in and said "and I want to go to every house". So I guess I was a glutton from the start!