Sunday, July 24, 2011


Sunday, July 24, 2011
This year Emily was cast in Oliver as one of Faggin's gang at Music Circus. I'm amazed that she was able to work so hard (40+ hours/week). She has so much fun being in the show and making friends with her cast mates. What's even more impressive to me is that she would still go to swim practice in the morning and put on a matinee and an evening show all in the same day. Ah, to be young and energetic again.

Mac, Marv, Peter and I went to see the show. Nana took Luke and Ben to see the Winnie the Pooh movie and met us at intermission. Luke watched the rest of the play from the t.v. in the Subscriber's Lounge. I had major Ben withdrawals, but he seemed fine without me.

Emily was thrilled to have so many supporters ("There are 17 people coming to see me" she said), and Mac and I really enjoyed the play. We've been singing the music ever since. Emily did such a great job, especially considering she was playing a pick-pocket street urchin and in real life she's more of a... what's a nice word for "goody-goody"? You know what I mean. She's a good kid.

That night I said to Mac "please, can you get one good photo?"

He said "It's hard to get a good shot, she won't sit still". So I said "OK, I'll try".

He was right. She won't sit still.

Great job, Em!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Funnies, Smarties, and Sweeties

Tuesday, July 19, 2011
Usually I write down things Luke says and does that I want to remember, but I guess I can't call all of these Funnies...

Luke is in love with Babybug magazine. One week he'd memorized all the stories and poems in a day and the next week he wanted to check out every single one from the library. I let him.

After church one day I asked, "Can you tell me about nursery?". He replied "I can't. I have no words."

He's been asking a lot of questions lately. Not a lot of 'why' yet, but so far I've heard: What is freedom? What is honesty? Where is...? (He's very interested in different locations we go to)

We got a book about the Flag because the Fourth of July was coming up. Sometimes I start a sentence and let him finish to see if he remembers. On a page about George Washington I started "General..." and he finished "Grevious" (a Star Wars character). He memorized the pledge already in just a few readings of the book.

He created an imaginary friend named Thomas for a few days. Apparently he's very, very tall with blue hair. We haven't seen him in a couple of weeks, so we'll see.

Luke was playing with a balloon that got away. Later at lunch he said "I need a cape so I can fly up and get my balloon".

The drive to JoJo's overlooks a beautiful valley and as we were driving up the road Luke said "I can see the whole world"

Luke declined to watch the fireworks at Liberty Days. He buried his face and when asked if he wanted to look he said "My candy's watching"

I don't usually sing lullabies to Luke, but lately he's been asking for the Star Spangled Banner.

He's had his first celebrity crush. We went to see Little Rascals at an outdoor movie. The next day we were talking about the characters. I said something about Darla and Luke chimed in "and she's pret-ty" then he covered his face with a pillow and said "I love Darla, I love Darla, I love Darla".

Ever since we watched Muppets in Space Luke has been very concerned about things 'falling into space'. One night he was taking forever to fall asleep and he finally said he was worried about his teddy falling into space.

I can't remember what he was eating, but one lunch he was eating and said to me "This makes my tummy laugh!"

I lost my point-and-shoot and was pretty sad about it. For family home evening we talked about the parable of the lost coin and were going to look for the camera. We related it to how important we are to Heavenly Father and Jesus and how much they love us. Luke said "I want to play hide and seek with Jesus!". Not sure if he got the point, but we took the car apart looking for the camera. I found it the next day- it had fallen into a weird pocket in my diaper bag.

OK, one last one, but this is from my sweet Benny. As I mentioned in my last post I was somewhat pouting on the way home from the fair. I was just staring out the window, spacing out when Ben started getting my attention. He cooed at me and smiled at me as if to say "is everything ok, mom? Don't worry, mom." Any time I'm in a bad mood or even if I'm just spacing out, he's sure to check up on me and try to engage me.

Big Fun

As kids we were dragged to the Antelope Valley Fair and Alfalfa Festival year after year. I think I still have a little chip on my shoulder about it. I was hesitant to go to the State Fair because of it, but I wanted to spend time with my brothers, who were all in town.

We started out visiting some of the small animal exhibits, then some exotic animals (including my favorite- a little baby albino kangaroo who was being fed a bottle in a little pouch), and then to the Rock and Roll exhibit.

Luke was loving the Big Keyboard.

From there we visited 'The Farm'. The ride was just mild enough that he agreed to go- and he liked it!

The last thing we did was see Dick Dale, a surf rock guitarist. He and his son were playing and they had a great act. Dick Dale was very enthusiastic, and his son kept rolling his eyes at the things his dad said and did. Almost like I roll my eyes when Kevin and my Dad bust out their air guitars and start a jam session in public. Or when Kevin refuses to button up his shirt. Oh, that Kevin.

Peter spent the whole concert filming the drunk guy a few rows ahead. He was so drunk that he didn't even realize his bottle was out and kept trying to take sips out of it. That's part of the fun of a fair, I suppose. Well, the laughing-at-drunk-people part, hopefully not the sloshed-out-of-your-mind part.

By the time we decided it was best to get home and get to bed for the long day ahead of us I was really sad to be leaving. I pouted all the way home about not staying a little longer to see the fire works and maybe the art exhibit. Just because I have to be somewhat responsible and get the family home at a decent hour doesn't mean I have to be happy about it. *Hmph, Grumble Grumble*.

As I mentioned before, the brothers were all in town (as you can see I failed to get a picture of all of them, which I meant to do). Lyle came to ordain Peter to be a Teacher, and the other brothers came in town, too. It was great to see all of them, I just can't wait for Thanksgiving when we'll hopefully have a bit more time together and we'll see Ciara (who was too close to her due date to fly) and the newest Schofield grand baby.

Friday, July 08, 2011

Ben 4 months

Friday, July 08, 2011

You're really finding your voice- lots of screeching and vowel sounds.

Sometimes you're reserved, but sometimes you warm right up.

People are always remarking about how wiggly you are. I think you like to always be on the move because you've got a lot of things to do.

You're starting to get a little bored and frustrated. If you're on you're on your back, you roll to your tummy. If you're on your tummy you're trying to crawl.

Milestones: Rolled from from back to front at 15 weeks. Starting to sit up.
Stats: 15 lbs and 24.75 in (below average, which is funny because he seems like a chub to me!)


At one point I was chatting with Luke as he was naming off his cousins. Then he said "Mom? I have so many friends". We've been home for a couple of days now and his behavior tells me 1) he's a little behind on his sleep and 2) he misses his cousins badly. He's already talking about when we can go for Christmas. If only our house were fixed up to sell and we had a job lined up and somewhere to move to. Oh, and if only I weren't so daunted by the idea of snow.

Hanging Out

Fourth of July afternoon we hung around JoJo's. The company was great and there are always a lot of laughs. Matt Codina played some mood music while everyone chatted. We even got to hear Babo sing "Come, Come ye Saints" as Sting. No joke.

Liberty Days

I have been hearing about Liberty Days for as long as I've known Mac. I was so glad I was able to come and we've been scheming to make this an every-summer tradition. There are so many events: flag ceremony, parade, pancake breakfast, eating contest, craft booths, greased pig chase, chicken chase, mutton bustin', sac races, you name it. Seriously, that's just the start of it.

Mac and the Boys

What an amazing Daddy my boys have!

Grandma Gwen's

When we got into town we headed to Grandma Gwen's first for a swim party. I don't know the Christensen side of the family very well yet, so I'm always meeting new relatives. Luke had a blast in the pool and it was so fun to spend time with everyone.

1) Raw corn.
2) Ready for a deep-sea expedition.
3) He can be so fearless!
4) Oh, Ben. What a sweet face you have!
5) Lainey is a seasoned vet of this pool. She showed us the ropes.
6) Tree swingin'.

Road Trippin'

This year we took our summer trip to Utah for the Fourth of July. My car broke down the day before we left while I was running last minute errands. If you want to renew your faith in humanity just have your car break down in blistering heat with two small boys in tow and a dead cell phone. We were helped by several different people along the way, and the day ended with us picking up a rental car. The next morning we headed out bright and early because we were so eager to get there.

1) Two sleeping boys as Mom and Dad packed the car.
2) Good moms give bored kids toys. Great moms give bored kids trash to play with.
3) He will sleep in the car. It's just a matter of how long you keep in him strapped in.