Saturday, January 29, 2011

Classic Toys

Saturday, January 29, 2011
Recently we found the box of Marble Works at my mom's house. Luke loves building towers and watching the marbles race around. He also loves sitting on the marbles. I haven't a clue as to why, other than I think he thinks he's funny.

Because we live within walking distance of a big farmer's market/swap meet, we felt like we had to check it out for something good to bring home. Between the monotony of cheap knock-off shoes and cheap knock-off bags, there are some diamonds in the rough. Like this one that came home with us. I've been wanting a cozy coope real bad. He loves it and drove it all the way home (with his feet up and his dad pushing him, that is).

That afternoon when we wanted to go to Home Depot, Luke had a hard time understanding why we couldn't take his car. He was fairly annoyed with us that we wouldn't at least let him try to drive to Home Depot. His car has now become the standard against which all other cars are compared to. For example, his car is THE car and my car is the "big" car.

Baby dolls are classic too, right? And Lego Sharks? OK, maybe not quite classic, but I love this sleeping boy who can't let go of play time. Sometimes I think he thinks he's a shark- if he doesn't stop moving, he might die.

Luke was lucky enough to get an invite to see the set-up for a Disney Princess Party. Now that Emily is an older girl scout, her troop puts on events for littler girl scouts. We went for a few minutes before we had to get Mac from work to watch them set up, but when it was time to go, Luke wouldn't budge. I left him with my mom to go get Mac, and then we stayed until we were able to convince Luke to leave. He was mesmerized, as were many of the younger girl scouts. Luke is pretty much in love with girls already. He has a crush on a girl in his gymnastics class, although it's cooled since she didn't want a hug last week. Sometimes I catch him staring at girls with an intense look on his face. When I ask him what he's looking at he'll break into a big smile and say "girls" very sheepishly. Oh, and have I ever told you that when I do workout DVDs he'll walk by the t.v. and say "Hi, girls?". Yup, that's my little ladies' man.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'm Batman

Thursday, January 13, 2011
You want further evidence that my child is hilarious/adorable (at least in my eyes)?

He's also experiencing an identity crisis (Batman? Tinkerbell? Peter Pan?). This is a few nights later and he had continued his routine, adding in things to keep it fresh, like copying how I stifle my laughter behind my hand.

With the countdown to baby at 52 days, just under 2 months, or 7 weeks I'm realizing that my time with Luke as an only child is very limited.

Over the Rainbow

My mom is set to have her big 5-0 birthday in January, but since all of her children were in town for the holiday it was easier to celebrate right after Christmas. The theme, instead of over the hill, was over the rainbow, which made for a bright, fun party. Never mind that the weather outside was so dreadful that it kept a good part of the guest list at home- those who came had a good time. Some of the children performed talents:

My talent was growing a baby in my belly while chasing a two-year-old. This is even more impressive when you consider I'm entirely self-taught.

My favorite part was the dance party.

Luke enjoyed his cupcake most of all. I can't remember if I let him have one or two, but he remembers that the leftovers are in Nana's freezer. Will someone please come eat them so I can stop telling him that we'll have one after dinner? Luckily he forgets my promise by dinner, but I have very mild amounts of guilt about both telling him no and telling him yes and then worming my way out of the promise. If no one volunteers I may have to take one for the team and eat them myself. I'd probably have copious amounts of guilt about that.

When I got to this picture I realized that 1) we had a great time and 2) it was the last picture on the camera, meaning that we hadn't taken a photo as just the Schofield family the entire time we were all together. An entire week and not one family photo. Talk about copious amounts of guilt. Let's hope we remember next year!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

After Christmas

Wednesday, January 12, 2011
The days after Christmas consisted of Luke catching up on sleep, time with family, playing with presents and more festivities.

Here I had woken him up because it was 5 p.m. and I didn't want him sleeping all the way till bedtime. He promptly fell back asleep as I snuggled the crabby why-did-you-wake-me-up-mom boy up. Lesson learned: let sleeping children lie.

We set up the trampoline, which was more physically demanding than I thought it would be. With all the physical exertion Mac and I put into it, Luke thought we were fighting (or hurting ourselves), which we weren't. He kept saying "Stop it guys!".

Luke sure loves his aunts and uncles. They've all been gone for a couple of weeks, but he still asks if they'll be at the Schofields when we visit.

We also finally got around to acting out the Nativity. The Christensens were cast as the shepherds, and there was even a Luke-sized sheep costume. Did he wear it?

Nope. At one point he decided he could carry a stick and say "come on sheep", but that was all for this year. I squeezed into the portions of the costume that would fit a grown woman in her third trimester- the hat and the hoofs (hooves? who even knows?). Luke was quite taken with the baby Jesus, which I was glad to see. He didn't get into Santa at all this year (hooray! and fingers crossed that that happens again next year), but spent most of his time thinking about Jesus and Frosty.


Writers Block + Time Crunch = No cute introduction to this blog post. Here is Christmas with the Christensens.

The stocking was a big hit.

The gift tag on the legos said "Luke" and he has enjoyed it immensely. It could have easily read "Luke and his Lego-loving parents".

The rest of the loot got torn open and played with quickly. Luke thinks his auntie CiCi gives the best gifts, so when he would open things from anybody that he liked he would say "from auntie CiCi!". Some kids believe in Santa, Luke believes in his CiCi.

Once I was able to bring myself out of my Christmas-morning-fog, we worked our way over to the Schofield's where ALL of the Schofield children were assembled.

Luke helped open more presents, whether they were his or not.

And we saw Lyle and CiCi, who he hadn't seen in almost a year.

He sat with his Papa to open some more presents and stuff his face.

The dogs were so happy with their bones. Merlin was occupied with his for the rest of the day, I kid you not. I wish I had his focus.

Quite tired from presents and playing with Lyle at the park, Luke finally went to sleep in Nana's bed. He was later joined by his Papa and the kitty.

After naps we were able to have a way-too-short-visit with some Slades and then back to the Schofield's for Christmas dinner. On the way home at the end of the day I asked Luke what his favorite part of the day was and he said "playing at the park with Uncle Lyle". There you have it, Luke's love language is not gifts, but quality time.

I'm told that at this jaunt to the park Lyle was showing Luke all the fun things to do. Luke, a park expert, told Lyle "Uncle Lyle, sit down on the bench and watch Luke". We all got a good laugh out of Luke bossing Lyle around. Later at Christmas dinner, Luke thought Lyle's animated discussion (probably of something dentistry-related) was him being angry at everyone. To this he said "Uncle Lyle, stop talking".