Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Gym with Daddy

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We missed gymnastics a couple of weeks ago for a midwife appointment and we did a make-up lesson at a time when Mac could come. It's nice to finally be able to share some of the fun things Luke and I do when Mac is off busy slaying the dragons for us. It was pajama week, so Luke wore his "Dad is my Hero" pj's. I watched from the sidelines because I was having pretty intense contractions that got worse when I stood up and walked around.

The most fun thing to see was Luke be a little bit more brave than when he has his mommy right there. Maybe he was trying to show Dad what a brave kid he is. At first he didn't insist on holding Mac's hand for the balance beam, which he always does with me. They had a pretty good time together, and it made me feel better that Mac doesn't always have to miss the fun stuff.

Big Brother

We've got baby on the brain over here. With my due date just 10 days away I hope that's pretty normal. Luke's got baby on the brain and I thought I'd document some of the stuff he does that lets me know he's going to be a sweet big brother:

  • He loves to pull up my shirt so that he can hug and kiss baby brother
  • He tries to pass food and toys through my belly button for brother
  • When we take a bath together he wants to "wash baby brother" (aka my belly)
  • He holds his baby doll and says things like "Don't worry baby" or shows him things like "Look, baby, it's a train"
  • He likes to put diapers on the baby
  • He'll stick the baby in his shirt just as if he were wearing a bjorn

I really try hard not to do this, but I am just like the boy who cried wolf. Except I am the lady who cried labor. At church on Sunday I glanced at the clock every time I had a contraction and by Sharing Time in Primary they were 10 minutes apart. They even started to be less Braxton Hicks-y and more labor-ish. They continued all afternoon and evening. They've come back periodically but they don't get any closer or stronger. Sunday and Monday night I thought for a second "Oh, maybe I'll call the midwife and give her a head's up just in case labor intensifies in the night". I'm glad I didn't because I don't want her to question my judgment when the time does come. I've had a couple of bad days when I've felt very done with the pregnancy, but I'm mostly still comfortable. Here Luke and I are hanging out with our exercise balls. My midwife said the baby is hanging out on my right side and could go posterior. She said if I want to encourage him to be anterior I should avoid reclining and spend as much time on my hands and knees to give baby lots of room to move to a good position. Occasionally I find myself reclining comfortably and then I shoot right back up and lean forward. I do NOT want another posterior baby if I can do anything about it.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mortified Mommy Moment

Thursday, February 17, 2011
At the mall, skinny Luke's pants were revealing a bit of a plumber's crack. I say "pull your pants up, please". Luke shoots me a mischievous grin and pulls them all the way down. Yup, that was my kid flashing the entire food court. I'll laugh about it tomorrow, but I fought back tears there for a second.

Luckily, he wasn't any older or we might have gotten the mall cops called on us.

Luckily, I was pretty agile for a full-term lady and got to him pretty quickly and got his pants back up.

Luckily, I was able to call my sister-in-law, Jayne, to tell her the story. After having a good laugh with her and hearing one of her embarrassing mommy moments, I felt much better.

Parenting can be so humbling.

Monday, February 14, 2011

3 Valentines

Monday, February 14, 2011
I'm lucky enough to have this guy as my valentine 3 years running:

I'm sure I could talk about his good qualities all day long, but I'll just say the three things I most appreciate about him at the moment.
1) He laughs at my jokes, even when they're not really funny to any one but me.
2) He never rubs it in when he's right and I'm wrong, even though I'm wrong 98% of the time and I think I'm right 100% of the time.
3) He lets me stay in bed for a mental health morning when I need it. I can't fall back asleep, but for a couple glorious hours I have no responsibilities.

This is my other valentine. I wish I could say he made all of his loved ones valentines today, but he got pretty sick of it after a couple.

My top 3 favorite things about Luke today are:
1) The things he says in his sleep. From "I need to go to town" to "peanut butter sandwich", this kid sure has a lot to say after hours.
2) His kisses. I prefer the ones when his nose has been wiped first, but I take what I can get.
3) His humor. He's started with some potty humor and try as I might, I can't help but laughing sometimes. Not because I think "poo" and "boogers" are funny, but because I think it's funny how funny he thinks he is. Sometimes he does things that really aren't funny and he laughs at himself. Once I looked at him very sternly and said "Luke, that's not funny". Totally without guile he said "It's funny to me".

My other valentine is still in utero. I've washed all his clothes, set up his crib, washed his diapers, installed the car seat, and packed the birth center bags. We're all set for his arrival. Luckily I feel totally comfortable (most of the time) so I'm o.k. with him cooking in there 'till he's good and ready to come out. Sometimes I think I wouldn't even mind seeing the other side of my due date (of course ask me about that on my due date and we'll see if my story changes).

I read an article this morning about mothering a newborn. It made me remember falling in mommy love with Luke, and look forward to that happening again. I'll leave you with my favorite quote:

We [mothers] are agile, ready for Peekaboo or Tea Party, Catch Me or Ponyback at a moment's notice. We are magic. We can turn flour into play dough, snow into ice cream. Our kisses heal. We hold the future in our arms, several times a day. There is a light in our eyes. We know the sweetness of it, the crazy joy, the pure love you find when you give your heart to a child.

I can't leave without one last picture. Big Mac and Little Mac. I mean, Luke.

O.K. I leave you now. I have a two year old that needs some snuggles and possibly a wrestling match.

Monday, February 07, 2011


Monday, February 07, 2011
Friday morning over breakfast it was decided that we would take a little trip to Monterey that evening. How's that for spontaneous? Never mind that I had a sore throat, it was just an eensy weensy little sore throat. So we packed, found a cheap hotel and were set to go that evening.

As the day progressed so did my sore throat. By the time Mac was off work I knew I was coming down with the flu. On our way out of town I had a little bit of hesitation about whether or not this was really a good idea, but something told me to just do it. On our 3 hour drive I started to really feel bad and by the time we were at the hotel I had the full on chills and shakes and could barely make it to the hotel bed to pass out. Luke was quite worried about my shakes and I said "Don't worry, Mommy's just cold". Every time I woke up to go to the restroom in the night (I'm nine months pregnant and this baby is fully engaged, there are lots of these trips) I was dreading the next morning and thinking that the boys would have to go have all the fun without me as I slept it off in the hotel. Well, when I woke up I decided I could press on through it and just take it easy and sit as much as possible to conserve energy and not pass out. Luckily my body cooperated and I was able to have a really great time. I couldn't hold Luke, which I like to do so that we can chat and be on the same eye level, but it was a great opportunity for Daddy-Luke bonding. After breakfast we headed to Dennis the Menace park.

Luke kept finding me and saying "Mommy, come play!". He's not used to such a lump-on-a-log for a mother. He settled for some snuggling and hair-tickling.

After the park we headed to the aquarium. Luke was much more able to appreciate it this time around. After every tank he would say "More fish! Lots of fish!". He couldn't get enough. He was able to pet the sting ray and the star fish.

Even though he really liked all the fish, what he really wanted to do was be outside. We rushed through the rest of the exhibits so we could make it to the beach.

This penguin, Betty, was quite taken with Luke. She followed him around until we left the area. Later he told me that the penguins were his favorite part. He told my mom his favorite part was the frogs, which aren't even part of the aquarium, but that's a whole other mystery. He didn't really care for the sea horse or jelly fish exhibits because they were so dark. He liked the fish themselves, but he kept saying "It's too scary!".

Before we headed home we stopped at the beach for a while. In our quick-packing haste some of us may have forgotten our beach-appropriate foot wear.

I couldn't believe the weather was so nice in February. The water was very cold, but you're not supposed to swim at that beach anyway. There is a warning sign that said there are unpredictably large waves that roll in sometimes and wading and swimming is a no-no.

Luke managed to get himself knocked down by a regular-sized wave and that was the end of putting our feet in.

He just needed a little hug before he was off and playing again.

We spent most of the rest of the time playing in the little stream. Luke threw just about everything he could find into the stream.

Sometimes I wish I knew what was so funny to these two. They've got their own little world.

Luke had a "goof" attack while playing in the stream. I have no idea what he was saying, but he was cracking himself up and making the funniest faces. Even though we were 20-30 feet from the water line, one of those unpredictable waves came and surprised us all and knocked Luke down again. He was a good sport about it and we all had a good laugh- none of us saw it coming.

Before we left he wanted to be buried in the sand. He got this idea from the little critter book "Just Grandma and Me". In fact when we showed up at the beach he said "Oh! It's like Grandma and Me!". He tolerated being buried for all of a few seconds. Finally we had to leave to get a late lunch and drive home.

Despite my health not being tip-top, I was so glad we made the trip. It's our last opportunity to travel before the baby comes, and we'll never be a family of 3 again. I remember before we left for the hospital to have Luke that I just wanted to hug Mac and savor being a family of 2 for a little bit longer. I feel the same way about our family of 3. I'm very much looking forward to our new little person being in our family, but I just know that a new person changes the dynamic of a family. Change is good, I just want to make as many memories as we can before our family of 3 is a distant memory. Luke's little feet imprints on the sand made me a little sad. He's so big and about to be displaced as my one and only. We've talked a lot about it and he's said that he's ok being my little boy, as long as he can be my big baby, too. He says that little brother is the little baby and Luke is the big baby. I'm ok with this too.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Fun Friday

Sunday, February 06, 2011
I love my kid. I think this is pretty obvious. But sometimes it's hard on me when he says "RIGHT NOW!" instead of "please?" or can't remember that rule we have about only throwing balls and not ______ (insert object in his hand). Sometimes we disagree about whether or not you have to hold hands in parking lots and crossing streets (you do) or whether I can make him a peanut butter sandwich RIGHT NOW when I'm driving or if we can wait until we get home (correct answer: wait). Well, Luke's behavior this week was pretty angelic. Interestingly enough, mine was too. Funny how that works.

To top off this wonderful week, we had a wonderful day with Nana on Friday. That morning we drove down to drop something off to Papa so that he could go to his Gin Blossoms concert that evening, and then we went to the Lego store.

I think I'm a pretty simple person. I don't need a fancy house, a fancy car, or fancy clothes. I would, however like to buy lots of cool Lego sets. Oh, and I wouldn't mind a nice cruise or a trip to Europe once in a while. I guess I wouldn't mind all that other fancy stuff that I don't need. But the legos come first. Priorities, people.

That afternoon we were honorary girl scouts. We met the troop for fro-yo. I picked one flavor and Luke picked the others and the toppings. I could be buried with the cake batter and chocolate flavors. 'Cept that would get really messy, really fast. Scratch that.

We ran into a friend of my mom's that I'd never met before. She asked how far along I was and when I said I only had 29 more days left, she gushed and gushed over how "great" I looked and how "small" I'm carrying. She seemed to be sincere, but so was that lady at Costco the other day who said I could be carrying twins. Now THAT (the former) is exactly what every pregnant lady wants to hear. Two days later and I think I'm still on a high from that compliment.

After fro-yo the girl scouts had a Valentine's Day themed afternoon with a craft that I helped with, a Lego build, and playing the game of Hearts. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, but there were Legos and a hot glue gun involved, so that's to be expected. I told Mac to feign enthusiasm over his early Valentines gifts, and he indulged me. What a swell valentine I've got.

(Those things on the cards are supposed to be Popsicles. The effect would be more complete if they were opaque, but Mac didn't mind terribly)

Mr. Status Update

Luke has a nickname around here.
He got it from when we were living at my parents house. Every morning when Papa would come in the room, Luke would say "I'm eating cereal for breakfast!", or whatever it was he was in the middle of doing. We've noticed it's a pattern with him- just letting us know what he's up to, even when it's perfectly obvious. I decided for a day to write down as many of these as I could, to give you a little bit of insight into what his facebook would look like.

I was eating waffles and singing "dun dun dun dun dun dun"*

I love my waffles!

I'm outside jumping on the trampoline

Mommy, I woke up

I'm hugging Mommy and eating pretzels

I'm laughing at the mirror

I'm playing with trains...

I'm playing with Legos

I like my dinner!

I kissed baby brother

As you can see, he's pretty much ready for his own facebook profile and twitter feed. I'm sure it would be riveting to all his followers and friends.

*Author's note: He was singing the imperial march, which is weird because we named him Luke (not after Luke Skywalker, but still). And both Mac and I are more "rebel alliance" people that did not expect our child to be so taken with the dark side.