Thursday, April 28, 2011


Thursday, April 28, 2011
I just had to show off Luke's new skill.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Tuesday, April 26, 2011
Luke thoroughly enjoyed his first Easter egg hunt at the ward party.

What's this?


I think I can get on board with this.

Sunday morning Luke's Easter presents were sitting out.

He liked his sheep.

He loved his candy. Originally I had not planned on having candy. There's plenty of that to be had between parties and grandparents. However there was a ten year old from down the street doing a fund raiser who gave me the hard sell. She said "But it's for a fundraiser...Not even the smallest box? Really?" I am such a sucker.

I'm not sure what Ben thought of all this. Seems to me that whatever he's thinking, his face is starting to lose its newborn look.

We had Mickey Mouse pancakes for breakfast. With a side of cheesy smile.

Then got ready for church. I sure love nakie baby pics.

After church we headed to the Schofield's house. Luke likes to hold Ben's hand in the car. Ben tolerates it for a few seconds, but he isn't a fan.

The Easter Egg hunt was predictable: I suggest that we make a map, so that we can keep track of where all the eggs get hidden. This is vetoed because it would take too much time. Marv hides the eggs (80 or so this year). Peter and Emily are very competitive in finding the eggs (except Peter quit this year after a few minutes).

Luke gets helped by the big people (which is becoming annoying to Emily who claims it isn't fair). In the end there are always several eggs that don't get found (around 20 this year, which is why I suggest a map). We redouble our efforts and find a few more, but the rest remain a mystery.

This being repeated year after year might be maddening if it weren't so shtick-y. Luckily Lorna has stopped putting candy in the eggs and started putting paper in the eggs that get redeemed for candy after the hunt. At least somebody has been learning from past years. Marv says next year I'm to follow after him and take pictures of where he hides all the eggs. We'll see if we remember come next year.

Ben slept most of the day, but he took a moment to say Hello.

I tried to get a shot of the boys in their Easter clothes. This is the only one without a binky in Ben's mouth.

Speaking of Easter clothes, this was the first time Ben wore this outfit. It will probably be the last because he's nearly outgrown it already. Even though he's barely seven weeks it's almost time to pack away the 0-3 months clothes and bust out the 3-6 months clothes. I don't remember Luke getting this big this fast.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Yes means yes

Friday, April 22, 2011
Lately we've been having some conversations like this at home:

[Mom is making eggs for breakfast. Luke enters stage right]
Luke: Can I have eggs?
Mom: Yes.
Luke: Can I?
Mom: Of course!
Luke: Please?
Mom: Uh-huh.
Luke: I need eggs.
[Mom bends down and puts a loving, if not slightly annoyed, hand on Luke's shoulder.]
Mom: Honey, you can have eggs when they're finished. It takes a minute. You'll have to wait.
Luke: Ooooooh.

End Scene.

This repeats itself periodically about various things.

Getting Together

I never know what to call this group of girls. You know, the girls I've been friends with forever? Granite Bay 2nd ward girls? That's not quite right, but I can't think of what else to call them. Well, we got together (minus Alena because she's living back east with her hubby) at Noel's the other night before Alexis had to head back to her brand new home that was just finished in Utah. Between the four of us there are now 12 kids under 6. Luke definitely had a blast with the toys and going around the property looking at the tree house and goats. Very little of the mom's got documented because we were busy catching up. But that's kind of how this blog goes- it's Luke-tastic, Luke-centric fun around here.

Some of the kids.

Luke enjoying the camera.

Ah, see. There we are. If you look closely you can see Nicolette's ponytail and a smile from Noel. Maybe next time I'll get a shot of the girls.

I wish we could have stayed longer, but we had to get home and get to bed because the next morning we were going to Discovery Kingdom. It's so fun to see how their kids are growing and I can't wait to do it again.

Just me

Ben has started to smile and coo at more than just mom and dad. Luke loves to get attention from Ben. He also loves attention from the camera.

Mom, take a picture!

No, mom, just me!

Luke and Mac

I love it when the boys both take a nap at the same time in the afternoon. I get the house back together and (gasp) have some *me* time. It's also really fun when first Luke goes down, and then Ben goes down for a really long nap. That way I get Luke asleep, spend some one-on-one time with Ben and wear him out, and then when Ben crashes I get a little bit done before I get play time with just Luke. It's nice to focus on just him. Even though he's handled the transition to being a big brother pretty well, I know he misses having his mommy all to himself. On one of these afternoons we were playing Superman and I had to capture the look on his sweet face.

I was looking at the picture and realized there was one that was really similar of Mac.

I'm not sure what else to say other than it makes me smile.

Discovery Kingdom

Yesterday we were invited to go to Discovery Kingdom with my mom, Emily and Lyndsey Benner. We had a blast!

First came the carousel (while the big kids went on big kid rides). Then the kiddie roller coaster. Luke tried to be brave, but it was a very jerky ride and he was getting tossed all over.

Next we tried a milder ride, but the damage was done. Luke wasn't interested in rides any more so we moved on to animals.

Sea lions, dolphins, otters, walruses, penguins, sting rays and sharks were seen in the Sea area.

Then we saw cougars, tigers, snow tigers, lions, camels, giraffes and butterflies in the Land area.

I love his face. I wish I could know what he's thinking.

Checking out the koi pond.

Looking at a butterfly.

Feeding the giraffe.

On our way out we tried to convince him to do one more ride. He turned down several before deciding he could handle the carousel again.

The only way I could have done a day like this was with some big helpers. Mom (especially), Lyndsey and Emily helped push the stroller and entertain Luke when I had to take care of Ben. Ben, although not pictured here, had a great time. He slept most of the time in the front pack but woke up a few times to eat and get changed. The few times he was alert he loved looking around and taking it all in and cooing at me. Nana even got her first smile! It's about time. She was starting to think he didn't like her. And although it's hard to explain to a newborn, you really want to suck up to the grandparents. It's well and good to smile and coo at Mom and Dad, but there's a much bigger payoff in getting grandparents to love you.

Luke's main entertainment in the car was books, but Emily and Lyndsay humored him with a game of hide and seek. It didn't get old to Luke.

Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles, Luke fell asleep in the car. The last time this happened outside of a 10 hour road trip was probably a year ago. It's good to know it is possible if he's behind on his sleep and really worn out.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ben's Blessing

Thursday, April 14, 2011
We were lucky enough to have the Christensens in town for the weekend of Ben's baby blessing. Fun was had by all and I know Mac especially appreciated getting some father-son time with Layne. Here are the highlights: Mimi's, heckling brides on Say Yes to the Dress, the mall (including JoAnn splashing Layne on the first floor from the second floor), watching Tangled, the grand opening of the bike shop, Denios, and the baby blessing (of course).

JoAnn made lunch, because apparently my hands were broken.

Luke thought all of this fruit was for him. He was, thankfully, convinced to share it. Oh, and you could have plaid walls like us. I'll write a tutorial that involves wood paneling.

Don't you love my body language? I crack myself up.

Ben getting ready. What a cutie.

We all looked at the camera! Aren't we talented?

The blessing was great and it was so nice to have lots of family there. Thankfully JoAnn and Melanie both took notes because I forgot my pen. And paper. I would have forgotten my head if it weren't attached at the neck.

And because I couldn't stop myself there are more pictures of my boys. Ben is becoming a wee bit more aware. I can tell he thinks Luke is fascinating from about a foot away or more. Any closer than a foot, though, and his wincing lets me know he either 1)barely tolerates him or 2) has a healthy fear of him.

Especially for Max

Sometimes Ben makes pretty sweet faces.

Sometimes Ben makes pretty funny faces.

The former, we think, he gets from the Schofield side. Possibly from his mother. The latter is definitely from his mother.

Put down the books...

I like books. Mac likes books. Luke likes books. At some point, though, it's time for us to put down the books and go outside. I knew it was time when these things all happened in a matter of days.


On the morning of Ben's doctor visit:

Me: Today we're going to the doctor for Ben.
Luke: Dr. Seuss?


While walking by the escalator at the mall:

"Oh, it's like Corduroy!"


While on a walk around the neighborhood we saw a ladybug:

"Oh, it's like The Grouchy Ladybug"


Me: Uncle Lyle lives in New York, and Uncle CJ lives in Italy. That's across the sea.
Luke: And George lives in Africa.
Me: Who is George?
Luke: George the Monkey! (Duh, mom)


Luke was playing with his castle and dubbed one of his guards "Sneelock". You know, the world's bravest type.


Thursday, April 07, 2011

96 Twice-Baked Potatoes, 60 Burritos

Thursday, April 07, 2011
I joined a freezer meal group. Call it peer pressure, call it an experiment, call it insanity.

Once a month I make 2 different recipes 6 times. Then 6 girls meet up to exchange. I come home with 12 different recipes to feed my freezer, which means I don't have to cook 12 nights in a given month. I like that part.

The few days before the exchange is the part that's a little tricky.

It involves LOTS of prep work. During this prep work the baby gets worn...

The house gets turned upside down...

Luke keeps himself occupied...

(This is Luke's baseball, "bat" and "glove")

The toys ALL get played with...

A movie or two gets watched...

And the kitchen gets thrashed...

Thankfully, I'm finished for this month. Now I can take care of my neglected kid, neglected self, and neglected house. In that order.

"Mom, please come play with me!"