Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ben Movies

Sunday, May 29, 2011
I'm pretty sure I love this age and this kid. I love how he's so easy to carry around that he's become my perma-side kick. I love how he smiles and coos. I love that he entertains himself trying to pick a favorite finger to put in his mouth. I love how he'll let me put him in the bouncy seat while I make dinner and when I look over at me he has a huge grin like he was just waiting patiently for some attention. Basically, he's a pretty sweet little baby most of the time.

He thinks he can scale the boppy.

I'm not sure what to call his impressive moves. The "bennie" maybe.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fathers and Sons

Saturday, May 21, 2011
I thought Luke and I should go on this year's Fathers and Sons campout. The ward got a site at Rollins Lake up near Colfax, CA. I did my best to get off work a little early so we would have enough light to set up our tent and play before bed. Diana's brother Peter still needs a few campouts for his Camping merit badge, so he and his dad came with us. After getting some dinner we headed up the mountain and found the campground without much trouble.

We found a spot between some other tents and got our big tent set up.

After a little while Luke and I couldn't find Peter and Marv, so we started walking up the hill, through the campground, until we found them playing catch in the fading light. Luke wanted to play too, so we headed back and got his bat and a small beachball. We played until it was too dark to see the balls well, and headed back to camp. I had made Luke a little bed next to mine in the tent, but he ended up in my sleeping bag with me. :) Once he was asleep I got up and went to get some dutch oven dessert. It wasn't done yet, but Marv and I had a good conversation by the fire, until it was ready to eat. Cherry and Blueberry and Peach dump cakes! hmmmmhmhmhmm.

The next morning we packed up our stuff, and took the tent down.

I let Luke use the camera while I was working on the tent:

The ward high priests were in charge of breakfast, so Marv and Luke played ball some more while we waited for it to be ready.

Luke loved the pancakes, sausage, eggs and hashbrowns.

After breakfast, Luke and I went to check out the lake. We were joined shortly by Papa and Peter.

No rock or stick was safe from taking a dip.

Peter had to get back home so he could rest before his baseball game, so we headed out.

And I let Luke play with the camera a little more...

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Luke version 2.5

Saturday, May 07, 2011
Luke had a half birthday! I named of all the breakfast foods I could think of that I would and could make him: from German Pancakes to Breakfast Pizza. He chose Kix. I don't mind low-maintenance one bit.

We got him a little present, which he's excited about (but it involves Star Wars. I'm afraid I'm going to scare off my small reader base if I mention Star Wars one more time. OK, it was Star Wars Guess Who. I'm really excited to play too).

Luke, here are some things I never want to forget about you when you were two and a half:

You are full of wonder. You asked "Where is the Prophet?" and we said Utah, near JoJo's house. Then you asked "Where are Heavenly Father and Jesus?" and we said in Heaven, which is far away. You said "Oh, by Nana's house." Another day you asked "Where is Moroni?" so I said he was in heaven with Heavenly Father. You corrected me and said "No, he's in the scriptures."

You have such an imagination. You said to me "Mom, when you get little, little tiny I'm going to rock you like a baby." I suppose if it turns out I have the same affliction as Benjamin Button I know who will take care of me.

Sometimes you hang back and are shy with peers but often you don't hesitate to run up to other kids at the park and ask to join in their play.

You are so confident. You even tell me sometimes "Don't use mean voice. Use a nice voice. You need a do-over". You remind adults "don't say 'Oh my gosh' say 'Oh my goodness'". What would I do without you to help me become a better person?

You love to eat. Your favorite fruit is strawberries. You could eat a whole pound in one sitting. Your favorite vegetable is broccoli. When you finish yours you beg some off my plate. Your favorite dessert is anything. If you get wind there is dessert you stop eating your healthy food to save room.

You are busy! One day you were coloring with crayons when Ben went to sleep. I put him in his crib and ran to take a quick shower thinking you couldn't do too much damage in the three or so minutes I'd be gone. Sure enough when I came back you had written all over the front door. My bad. You were so proud to have written W's all over it that it was almost hard to be mad. Almost. That afternoon I found that you had gotten the shampoo and spilled it by the front door. I curbed my anger and called you over to the couch for a chat. You told me you were "trying to put it on the door so there would be no more crayons on it". I sometimes forget that even when you are making messes you have the best of intentions. I wish I didn't hate messes so much. I have to remind myself that were not in a rental- we're not losing a deposit. Plus EVERYTHING in our house needs to be renovated, it'll be replaced eventually. Plus, in the end, it's all just stuff.

You have music and rhythm in your soul. You are nearly always singing a song or tapping a rhythm.

You want to be included in everything- especially food related. For example if Emily and Peter are having an afternoon snack you have to have one too, even if you just ate. What's worse is you try to insist I be included too even if I'm not hungry. It can be a little upsetting to you if I decline participation.

You are growing so fast and learning so much. You love to try out new words, even if you don't know what they mean, like "It seems..." and "The reason" or "Talk about pressure!".

You fill our lives with laughter, for which I am most grateful.

(For the records you are just over 3 ft and just over 30 pounds)

Thursday, May 05, 2011

2 Months

Thursday, May 05, 2011
Oh, Baby Ben! You're 2 months old!

Your eyes are still blue and your hair is still shockingly lightish and reddish. It's pretty unanimous that you look like a Schofield, especially Peter.

I don't know what to say about you because you change so fast. You've been smiling for a while and both Dad and I have almost gotten a laugh out of you. You make us work for it, but your smiles are so worth it.

Your tummy issues are starting to go away somewhat. That's good for so many reasons, but best of all you get to actually enjoy life and interact with us. When you aren't feeling sick you are so pleasant and content.

You've bonded with your Daddy more than I thought a newborn could, but you sure think he's interesting. You also watch your older brother with fascination as he rides his bike, jumps on the trampoline, and plays with his toys. Sometimes Luke just wants to smother you with his love. Sometimes he's a bull in a china shop jumping and running around and I have to stiff-arm him to protect you. Sometimes he gets past security but you're really tough and half the time you don't even make a peep.

Tummy time is more frequent and enjoyed. I showed Luke pictures of himself when he was your age and since he liked toys, he thought you might like them too. You don't really enjoy them yet, but that doesn't stop Luke from trying!

(Luke bringing the bag of baby toys around for Ben)