Saturday, March 30, 2013

Lazy Diana's March Madness

Saturday, March 30, 2013
Do you know what my brothers call a Lazy Suzan? A Lazy Diana.  As in:

Bryan: Do you know where the raisins are?
Kevin: Oh, Mom keeps them in the upper Lazy Diana.

Don't worry, I take it in stride. I think of it as a cute inside joke that reminds me of my natural tendency to lounge on the couch and watch t.v. and eat bon bons all day.  Well, here's what this Lazy Diana has been up to in March:

- Doing nearly full-time day care. (I've been watching Daniel and Emily Moore for over a year.  At first it started as a favor for a friend who was getting her family history business off the ground.  Then it turned into a part time gig.  As her business grew she needed me more and more until I was doing 35+ hours a week.  Last week she packed up her family and moved to Utah for a great new job.)  Here Luke and Ben are wrestling with Daniel.

-Had extended family in town, some of them staying at our house.

-Attended the funeral of Mac's amazing cousin Tom and celebrated the sealing of Mac's other cousin Sara to her husband and daughter (both were beautiful).

-Threw a birthday party for Ben complete with decorations, activities and a 5 layer ice cream cake.
Yes, I am the weirdest person you know.  Somebody had to fill the position, might as well be me.
Layer of chocolate cake, layer of cookies and cream ice cream, layer of brownie, layer of chocolate ice cream, layer of cake.  Most of this was made in the middle of the night because I could't sleep.
-Bought a car at the beginning of the month. Sold a car at the end of the month.  It's a game called musical cars.

And if that wasn't enough, Mac got a new job which meant I:
- Painted the entire house in just over a week.  Except the kitchen.  Mac and Tess helped as well, but I did a LOT of painting in the wee hours of the morning, while Ben and Emily were asleep for their naps and while Luke and Ben were vegged out in front of the DVD player.
- Organized, sorted, donated or packed all of our earthly belongings
- Moved!

We've now moved 4 times since we've been married and I was pregnant for 3 of those moves.  Even when pregnant I'll do a lot of moving, but I thought it would be awesome to not have a baby in my belly for once.  Little did I know I'd have a two year old on my hip half the time.  Sigh!  I tried to not let it hold me back.

We didn't need much help because we had Hannah and Bryan there, but luckily our home teacher came over to help stack things in the truck.  Had it not been for him I'm not sure it all would have fit.  The last thing to go in was the trampoline.  

 The boys were good as gold.  They played so well as I was getting things done and helped me load boxes in the car.  Oh, here you can see our new-to-us car.  We're still deciding between the names Scarlett O'Honda and Crimson Ride.

The moving truck.  Ain't she a beauty?  I looked at the back of that thing for for half of the drive and drove it for the other half.

Ben and Luke loved helping take off the light switch plates and put them back on.

Our last night in our house we harvested our lettuce from the garden and ate it.

While we're selling our California house (we accepted an offer on Wednesday) we're staying with the Christensens in Eden.  Once that's all wrapped up we'll find a place out here in the Ogden area, where Mac's new job is.

 I'm sure to Utah kids the snow is boring in March, but to my kids it was great fun.

We love living so close to cousins!  Luke said to me the other day "I like living in Utah".  I think I do too.

Here my funny boys are singing as we finish up with loading the truck.

That's all for now.  I'll try to update this thing if anything else life-changing happens!