Monday, July 08, 2013

California Adventure

Monday, July 08, 2013
Our first day and part of the third were spent at California Adventure

The carousel was a hit.  I think we went 3 times.

We went on the Radiator Springs Racers, which was new to us.

We met Lightning.  Ben reminds me that we didn't get to go inside.

Chilling in line with cousin Jay.

One of my favorite new (to me) rides was the Toy Story midway ride.  You put on 3-D glasses and go to different games and use a slingshot-type gun to play.  Ben wouldn't let me help him, but he had a blast.

 While waiting for Luke to go on Soarin' (for the 3rd time) Ben and I watched Minnie and her Fly Girls sing.  Pretty cute stuff.

Aren't they cute when they nap? Aw!

We caught a showing of the red cap news boys.  The highlights were Mickey and "Open the Gates and Seize the Day".

On the Paris Wheel (Ben insists on calling it this).

Waiting for the Pixar Parade to start- the boys had fun running out to the street and back.

Redwood Creek Challenge Trail:
One funny moment was Ben going down the middle of both slides and sliding into the tree.  Only funny because he didn't get hurt.  That boy is wild, I tell you.

Luke persevered through several falls to get to the end of this horizontal rock climb.

Climbin' the bear.

At Carthay Circle (a restaurant modeled after the theater where Snow White premiered) : Wrestling is mandatory at most cousin functions.

Meeting Sully.  Luke was at Soarin'.

The trolley. Nana took all three boys!

Aw!  What a cute face, Luke.

Waiting for Mom and Dad to get off Tower of Terror.  One of my favorite rides of all time.

Waiting with Peter.

We got passes to see World of Color from Carthay Circle.  It was a pretty good spot and the show was pretty great.  Ben was on my shoulder for most of the show, but he asked to come down and promptly fell asleep in my arms.  We were at the park from before opening (7:30ish) to after World of Color (9:30ish).  That's one long day for anybody!