Tuesday, July 09, 2013


Tuesday, July 09, 2013
We went to Disneyland for all of the second day and the morning of the third.  In no particular order:

The third day I didn't want to make the boys stand in line at all- they had been champs but needed more explore time so we went to Tom Sawyers island.  I talked to an employee there about a cat I'd seen at California Adventure.  He confirmed to me that there are lots of feral cats at the park.  They capture them, take them to the vet to make sure they're healthy, and release them back where they find them.  He said it's better pest control than leaving out poison!

Pausing at the island for a snack and a rest.

Jedi Training camp.  I knew Luke wouldn't go up and do it, but we wanted to go see it anyway.  I really love this show- especially Darth Maul. 

We met Mickey at his house.

While waiting to see Minnie the employees had to verify that an abandoned bag was safe (ah, how terrorism has changed things).  This extended our wait so the employee divided the line into two groups and had a trivia game with us.  Guess who won it for their team?  Mac and I.  I'm not really a Disney freak, but I guess being raised by one means I know more than most.

Checking out Minnie's Kitchen.  Her recipe on the fridge for cheddar cheese chip cookies looks...disgusting.

Meeting Minnie

They have a little petting zoo.  I was talking to an employee about if they breed them and what they eat.  They bred them a few years ago, but it was too much work when they gave birth, so they won't be doing that again.  They'll have to buy new ones in a few years.  There's a 5 acre ranch behind the park they get to pasture in at night.  They don't let visitors feed them because they mostly eat hay.  My mom wondered if they were pregnant because their bellies were so wide.  The employee said "once they've had a pregnancy their stomachs stay that way".  I feel your pain, goats.

Ben is such an animal lover.  I hope someday he can have a goat of his own.

Luke's a bit more hesitant around animals.

We met Pooh and his friends.

We went to the Royal Theater to see the Rapunzel show.  They basically condense the movie into 20 minutes with 2 narrators playing all the parts except Rapunzel and Flynn.  It was delightful- the narrators were hilarious as Mother Gothel and Maximus.  Plus we heard that if you wait around after the show the characters just might meet you there.

Wait we did and we were rewarded.  Note that this is the only princess Luke came close to.  I think standing next to Flynn gave him the courage.  I really love this movie, it's one of my Disney faves.

I took Ben on the rockets as Luke and Mac went on Star Tours.

We encouraged (ok forced) Luke to go on Splash Mountain.  He was worried the whole time, but after the big drop he said "that wasn't so bad".  We asked him if he wanted to go again because there was no line and he said "Maybe when I'm 5"

Ben's main entertainment while in the stroller was taking the princess stickers he got at Ariel's Grotto, bedazzling the stroller, and then bedazzling himself.  He actually took it rather seriously.

We also went to Tarzan's treehouse.  The boys love that movie and had fun exploring.


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