Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Goofy's Kitchen

Tuesday, July 09, 2013
Dinner one day was at Goofy's Kitchen.  You might think that Disney is expensive, but this buffet is where we break even.  The boys built up an appetite wrestling in the lobby.

When we saw Aurora I recognized her as Snow White from Ariel's Grotto (this happens with Belle and Cinderella-the same girl can play both).  I mentioned we'd seen her there, but not that she was a different princess.  She replied, "was I in my pink dress or my blue dress?"  I told her blue and she replied "Oh, my fairy godmother is always doing that to me!".  Princesses have to think on their feet.

The boys all really warmed up to Dale.

 Pluto was a great sport.  We were trying to get a pic with the boys, but Ben kept playing with his whiskers.  Pretty cute stuff.

We had taken a picture before eating that didn't turn out.  When we went to do the re-takes can you tell who wasn't happy about it? 


gr.nette said...

Love that last picture of the one who was not happy! he's cute even when he's sad.