Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday, July 27, 2013
Two big changes for the Christensens:
1. We closed escrow on a house in Ogden.  It's in pretty good shape, so we're just in the process of making it our own.
2. I got a job teaching Math very part time.  It's an independent study program so I teach 2 classes, 2 days a week and the students do independent study 3 days a week.  I'll have one class of 7th-8th grade Math and one class of Math 1 (Algebra/Geometry).  Wish me luck!  

While we're here I'll share some pix.  Cause that's what it's really about anyway.

I'm Clark Kent!

The first room we started on was the boys room.  We switched out the lavender and greenish-beige for "faded ink" (blue)

The boys in the Presidential Room at Treehouse.

I think I can see Luke as a no-nonsense President and Ben as his all-nonsense Vice-President.

Of all the toys we left stored away, Luke misses his dress ups the most.  Here he is as a police officer at Treehouse.

As I'm working on a project Luke comes in to me and says "Hey mom!  I figured out how to climb on the roof!".  I was picturing the house roof, so I was relieved when he only climbed on the car.  I said "Wow, Luke.  Let me take your picture and then never do that again."  I'm trying not to imagine what the new neighbors think of my parenting.

Ben took a break from "Despicable Me" to help me sand the cabinets in preparation to paint them "Pebble".  Which is really just off-white with the slightest hint of gray (and maybe even mauve).  It's gonna be great.  


Tess said...

YAY!! I love this so much!
I love your new house.
I love your excellent parenting ;)
I love your new job and the chance you get to use that amazing mathy brain.
Mostly I just love you guys and your awesome boys.
We're so happy you live in Utah :)

Jayne said...

Everything Tess said. Yes to all of it.

Hanna Amero said...

This is awesome!! Can't wait to see the new house! :)

gr.nette said...

You cute wonderful little family, I'm so excited for you to have a home of your own! can't wait to see it.