Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Birth Story

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The short version:
Midnight : Water has small tear at midnight. Infrequent but intense contractions.
5 am to 8 am: Went back to bed
8 am: no contractions, get ready for church
9 am: Primary, 2 movement-induced contractions
10ish am: Teach Valiant 8, 4 contractions
10:45 am: Skip Sacrament meeting, go home, contractions 2-6 minutes apart
11:30 am: leave for birth center, 3 contractions in the car, 2 on the stairs going in to the birth suite
11:45ish am: arrive at birth center 
12:00ish: transition begins
12:20 am: fully dilated, ready to push
12:28 am: baby is born!
Long version:
Thursday night: We were at Texas roadhouse celebrating Ben's birthday when I started getting contractions about 5-7 minutes apart. They weren't too serious, and this happened many nights before. We went to bed as usual, but I hoped I would wake up in the night and go into labor. No such luck.

Friday: Virtually no contractions.

Saturday: Virtually no contractions. We saw the midwife at 3:30 and then went to set up for the ward party. I didn't do too much heavy lifting, but helped with shifting tables and chairs, setting out tablecloths and decor and cutting food. I realized my feet were getting swollen and had a seat. At bedtime I took the boys home from the party and Mac stayed for the entertainment and to help clean. We watched some t.v. together and went to bed.


Sunday: (exact times in the night are tricky because some clocks were changed and others weren't) I woke up at midnight to go to the bathroom and when I went back to bed my water had broken just a little. I didn't get many contractions so I tried to chill and go back to bed. I couldn't relax so I went to watch Netflix in the living room (I was laboring to 30 Rock. Some women do Lamaze, I like Liz Lemon). From then till 5 or so I got strong but infrequent contractions. I went back to sleep listening to hypnosis tracks on the couch.


I woke up about 8 and our church meetings were at 9. I decided to get ready for church and just see if I could make it because I didn't have a sub for my primary class. Mac and the boys were going to go to Mac's niece's blessing, but we texted to say it was probably best we stay close to home. During sharing time I had a couple good contractions, but they were when I was moving around so I didn't think too much of them. When we went to class I had a really good contraction in the hallway. I didn't want to be dramatic especially walking by the men folk, so I just walked really slowly trying to pretend everything was cool. As I taught my class I had 3 or so more contractions and thought maybe I should call the presidency in to take over. With only 20 minutes left of class I figured I could handle it, so I did, but it became increasingly difficult to hide it from my class that I was in labor. After class we got our coats and went to the car (about 10:45) The boys both put up a fuss about missing sacrament and I almost left Mac and the boys at church so I could go home and labor alone. Luckily I didn't do that because when we got home my contractions picked up in frequency and intensity. They were still kind of sporadic, but anywhere from 2-6 minutes apart. I went to be alone (and watch 30 Rock) because the boys were loud and kind of obnoxious. Mac loaded up the car, texted the midwife, and I tried to explain to the boys to get changed out of their church clothes FAST. They didn't understand the urgency. About 11:10 I decided I would give it 20 more minutes and then head to the birth center. We left the house about 11:30 and got to the birth center at 11:45. Jen (the midwife in training) was there to let us in- she was still in her church clothes because we pulled her out of sacrament meeting. We talked between contractions and listened to the sermon of the southern Baptist church they share a lease on the building with. I couldn't make out exactly what they were saying but from the preacher's tone it seemed to be something about hellfire and damnation. I found it very amusing. I'm not sure what time, But I started getting that contraction that wouldn't stop. The midwives suggested I move to the bed. I didn't want to, but I'm glad I did because I had the baby about 10/15 minutes later. On the bed I started thinking thoughts like "natural birth is so dumb. I'm getting drugs next time", "seriously, when is this contraction going to end" and finally "I can't do this much longer". I had them check me because I was praying the end was near. When they checked me I was complete and could start pushing. The funny thing was I didn't really feel like pushing. With Ben I couldn't stop myself, but with this one I had to make a serious effort. We called the boys in to the room just as baby was crowning. When his head was out the midwife kept saying he was trying to breath and apparently trying to get himself out by wriggling around so she urged me to hustle up. It was such a relief to have labor be over, but it's so surreal to meet your baby. It still doesn't feel quite real. The boys just stuck around for a minute and then went back to watching Brave. I got some Pitocin for bleeding, snuggled and nursed baby, and got stitched up and had a snack. The boys came in to see baby weighed, measured and checked out. They were getting restless so we decided to head home sooner rather than later. I bathed, Mac packed the car and we went home. All in all it was pretty quick and painless.
I can't help but feel grateful that things went the way they did. I'm glad Mac didn't go up to Logan for the blessing. We were on the fence because I hadn't been having any contractions. He probably would have made it to the birth, but it would have been stressful. I'm grateful I didn't let the boys stay for sacrament- again it would have been stressful to have them gone when I needed to get to the birth center. I'm so glad I knew from experience to trust my body and get to the birth center in a reasonable amount of time. I was so glad not to transition in the car or on the stairs.  I'm really grateful for Chris and Jen. They are such pros and made everything so smooth and easy.


Hanna Amero said...

Beautiful story! Thanks for sharing :) I'm glad everything went so well, you are amazing

JoAnn said...

I love your birth stories! Great adventures!

gr.nette said...

You're such a wonderful descriptive writer, Diana! You and your family are amazing. love ya, Gr. Nette